Dark Childe's Theory of Final Transformation

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(originally posted to the tamagotchi-l mailing list and used by permission of the author)


I know that the Japanese tams end up in a ghost stage, so I want only to consider the American tams.

Something was bothering me about what happened leading up to the time of the tam's "demise". They need more and more attention, requiring being fed much more frequently and, at least in the case of Mat, my mame-chi tam, lost happy hearts faster.

I think I have finally figured out a logical explanation for why this happens.

The tams do not die at all. If any of you are fans of Babylon 5, recall the Vorlons outside of their suits. They appear as flying angels, fully capable of flight and bearing the visage deemed most appropriate by whoever looks at them.


So, I think the tams are similar. They do not die; instead, they once again transform, this time into winged beings capable of flying back to their home planet, or of hanging around here for a while.

They need to eat more and more food as they approach this change because:

1) The change itself takes a lot of energy, and

2) They need a lot of stored food for an energy supply while they fly back to their home planet.

Now, as for the matter of the happy hearts, and why they seem to decrease at a faster rate. The tam realizes it is approaching this final transformation and departure, and thus gets more and more unhappy as that time approaches, knowing it is leaving a friend (you, who have hopefully taken good care of it). So it wants to play games more so it can have some more pleasant memories of having fun with you.

They can then return home and carry back stories of their experiences here on earth (for example, I took Mat with me to the library yesterday) or, if they so choose, can hang around here for a while as a sort of guardian spirit.

This approach, at least to me, seems logical and one I can live with a lot easier than assuming the tam just "dies".


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