Ext. Alley Way-Night

The wolves slowly circle their prey. Number Seven remains still but hyper-alert.

The lead wolf's lips curl back in a snarl and he comes forward salivating.

A new presence enters the alley. Stepping into the shadowy light, a silhouetted form. A voice speaks out almost like a little girl, a simple declarative statement without any hint of command.

October: Something calls to you.

The wolves glower at the figure for a moment then bound off into the night.

Number Seven sees, now, the source of the voice as she moves into the light–a beautiful woman. She looks at him, her eyes piercing the darkness almost like the eyes of the wolves.

She moves away. he gets to his feet.


Ext. Street-Night

Number Seven catches up with the woman. She keeps walking and he follows her.

Listen! Stop! Hold it a minute! You saved my life.

She stops and smiles.

Well, maybe.

How'd you do that?

I don't know. Just...something came over me. But, anyway, I've got to go.


She's about to move on but he just stares at her with this incredible intensity.

What is it?

I just realized...You look like someone I used to know...on the outside.

That's nice. But I've got to go.

She starts to leave again.

Wait. What's your name?

Name? You must be new here.

I am . I don't have a job. I don't have a place to stay. Nothing.

Well, you're got good bone structure.

She smiles.

75. Int. Basement-Night

A door opens and October and Number Seven step into the basement. A furnace sits in the middle of the room, conduits sprouting from it.

You can stay here for now. There's a cot over there. But you have to be quiet. The people here are part of a literary guild.

He looks questioningly at her.

Tonight we're transforming Camus' L'Etranger.

Looking at her, even her, her beauty stirs his blood mysteriously.

Now, I don't care what your number is. You must have a name.

It's a very private thing, a name. I'm not sure I should tell a stranger.

You save my life. We're hardly strangers anymore. So, what is it?


He breathes in her beauty for a moment.

The month when the leaves all bleed and dress for death.

She smiles.

You're a poet.

I was once.

And now?

I'm a prisoner. Aren't you?

I don't know. I was born here.

She climbs the stairs.


She exists. Number Seven goes over and starts to lie back on the cot.

76. Int. Data-Pol cruiser-Night

An X-Plorer IIe monitor picks up the action of Number Seven lying down–a multi-colored, thermal graphic image with the number "7" above it.

The camera pans away from the monitor to the axe-like face of Pentangle.

In his hand, he holds the EM probe aimed out the car at the basement window.

77. Int. Orpheum-Night.

A vast interior–austere and cold. From overhead the camera looks directly down on the semi-circular table of the Zodiac.

Behind the table, the huge ball, Rover X, can be seen rolling slowly around, circumscribing the room.

76. Angle on Constellator.

The Constellator addresses the Zodiac.

We have not seen their faces yet and can only imagine what they look like by virtue of the fact that the Constellator has difficulty looking at them directly.

Constellator (nervously)
I am not ineffectual. I am pursuing a plan that will enable Number Seven to discover his secret. That is the necessary first step, isn't it?

Behind him, the huge, slow moving ball rolls past on its orbit around the room.

The Constellator looks up.

79. The Constellator's POV:

The sudden cut to the faces of the Zodiac is a shock. They are old and gnarled like evil haunted trees at the edge of a swamp. One of them smiles.

Zodiac One
Sometimes love isn't enough. Sometimes you need a new pair of shoes.

80. Angle of Constellator.

A bead of sweat rolls from his temple down the side of his cheek and falls in slow motion.

81. Int. Literary Guild-Day.

Angle on sentences on a monition screen. A pre-recorded voice track can be heard reading the words.

Voice (V.O.)
In loving her, he loved all women. In touching her, he touched everyone.

The camera pulls back to reveal the entire page.

Voice (V.O.)
Don't waste it here, he thought, in a cheap motel room with the paint peeling off the walls and bad art.

A hand reaches into frame to turn the page but the image freezes. Then, at fast speed, the tape runs backward, scan lines slicing the picture. The voice runs backward as well, its tone high-pitched and fluttering.

The camera continues back to show, first the entire monitor and then, a bank of monitors each showing a different section of a book–each running forward or backward at different speeds, as a few Literary-Techs scan and edit.

October and Number Seven walk with Dr. Troy, a thin grey-haired man with sharp features.

They move along the bank of monitors.

Dr. Troy:
The transforming of texts is part of the work of this unit. Words must be incarnated through higher and higher planets, through many lives in order to reach perfection. We are a subsidiary of the Literary Guild. But we have a more important purpose. Curious?

Curious hardly describes it.

We need you.

Well, I need you, too. But I'm leaving.

Dr. Troy:
How? No matter which way you go, you come back to where you were. The only way out is to punch a hole in the wall.

Number Seven's interest is peaked.

The wall? There's a wall someplace? ‘Cause if there is, I'd like to see it. I'd like to know.

Dr. Troy:
The wall is within us.

Number Seven is visibly disappointed.

Oh. You mean like a...

He forms an inchoate shape with his hands.

...metaphoric wall.

Dr. Troy:
No. It's real. We want you to join us. We will make a place for you. Meanwhile, you can stay in the basement.

Shyly, October suggests.

Or you could...stay with me.

82. Another angle-later.

Seen from above, Number Seven and October leave the building and walk down the street. The camera pulls back. It is Dr. Troy's POV.

He turns to a man standing by him. The camera sweeps around to reveal the hatchet-faced Pentangle.

What's the problem? Link up with him and get his secret.

Dr. Troy:
We will. it's a step by step process. It can be dangerous. You don't just go crashing around inside somebody's mind.

Dr. Troy:
You've got to get close.

Just get it.

83.Ext. Street-Day.

The wall of the building that backdrops the two as they walk away is covered with posters, official propaganda disseminated by the Zodiac:







Overhead, the cloud canopy shuts out the sun, but Number Seven doesn't notice. The radiance that draws his attention is walking beside him.

They're psychics. Dr. Troy is leading us in an attempt to produce a unified thought powerful enough to punch through the wall...the we can all escape to...

The outside.

I guess.

He stops and looks at her penetratingly. Who is she? She is magnetic and he is drawn to her mystery.

That's right. You were born here. You've never been outside.

No. Maybe it's just a dream people have. Just something they hope for. But if we didn't have that to look forward too...

Suddenly his lips move toward hers. He stops himself. They both blush.

They start walking again. He stares straight ahead. is it to her or to himself that he speaks?

Let me tell you something. It's real–the outside. Don't for a second think it's not. It's as real as...this.

He jerks a nail out of the wall and hands it to her.

It's as real as...the most real thing you're ever...felt.

They look deep into each other's eyes feeling the most real thing. Then, suddenly, as they near the corner, she starts to look uncomfortable.

Let's cross the street.

They're about to step off the curb when someone calls out.

Zensetter (O.S.)
Hey. Your old friends miss you.

They turn. A couple of storefronts up, a kindly looking man–a cross between Einstein and Edmund Gwen-stands in the doorway of a tiny little shop, The Wolf's Tooth.

Aren't you gonna say "hello"?

84. Int. Wolf's Tooth-Day

Number Seven and October stand at a bar behind which Zensetter, the proprietor of this little bookstore and coffee house, pours them demitasses of espresso. Around them, one or two people browse the stacks while another group sit at a table playing "GO" and popping free jellybeans.

You know somebody since they're a little girl and then one day they start sneaking past your bookshop. What's going on?

I don't know. It was weird. I...I don't know.

It was my fault...(to October)...I hope.

He and October know what he's talking about and so does the sensitive Zensetter.

These books, they're ..this tell you about the outside. Why isn't this place packed?

Oh, I didn't realize...I should have told you. Patronizing this little shop...It's...It goes on your record if they find out.

Oh, I get it. Reading is a form of escape, huh?

He and Zensetter smile at his joke.

No. Zensetter is a psychic.

Number Seven looks questioningly.

Zensetter comes from around the bar to walk with them as they explore the shelves of books.

I study the plane that falls between matter and spirit.

Oh, sort of an alchemist?

Zensetter laughs. He verifiably glows. There is a warmth and magnetism about him that is instantly likeable.

Yes. With the qualification that the overtones of charlatanism don't apply. (a beat) Tell me. Do you believe in anything?



Good. excuse me.

Zensetter hurries off to help a customer.

The camera leads Number Seven around a shelf of books. He looks surprised.

85. Another angle.

There in front of him, life-like and bristling with power is a wolf–stuffed.

October steps up beside him so close he can feel her breathing.

They're beautiful...I've always thought.

She touches his arm in an unexpected way. He turns toward her.October
I know how you feel.


He is drawn into the field of her power.

You can tell me. I know what it's like to want someone so much...and not be able to say it.

By degrees their lips move closer.

From his POV he sees her eyes in close-ups intercut with the eyes of the wolf. It's beautiful, not sinister, as some force enfolds the two of them and draws them together in a kiss. Dissolve to:

86. Int. October's Room-Night

Melted wax runs down the side of a candle. The camera rack focus to the wall beyond where the shadows of October and Number Seven come together in an embrace.

Can people really fall in love this quick. I feel...

The shadow of the woman holds up a finger to the lips of the shadow of the man.October
When something calls to us, we come.

As the shadow images sink down, the camera pans to find the two of them in a deeper embrace.

87. Int. Data-Pol Cruiser-Night

Angle on "X-Plorer Iie" monitor screen.

The action of the two lovers lying down is displayed in a multi-colored thermal image on the computer screen.

88. Another angle.

Pentagle turns away from the screen and addresses the driver.

You know, they say every time you have sex it takes a day off of your life.

So, you actually are giving yourself to a way.

Not me.

89. Int. Literary Guild-DayThe shot opens on a whirlpool of water. Dissolve to:

90. A wider angle.

The members of the Literary Guild stand in the shallow end of an Olympic size swimming pool as Dr. Troy leads them in their morning psychic exercise.

91. A high angle

Seen from above the water is perfectly calm but the super-imposed whirlpool dissolves into and out of view as the psychics count down to oblivion.

Number Seven and October are opposite one another in the circle.

Group (in unison)
Four, three, two, one...One. One. One.

Silence. Then, the communion of psyches is over.

Dr. Troy:

Members climb out of the pool as Dr. Troy, October and Number seven converse in the water.

Dr. Troy:
How do you feel?

Like Neptune and aqualung.

Dr. Troy:
We have a place for you. One of our members passed away. You can move into his rom. Unless, of course...

He looks at October. She and Number Seven exchange glances.

I'm happy where I am.

He smiles. She nods her agreement with just the faintest blush.

We are.

Dr. Troy leans forward.

Dr. Troy:
You know, I think we are attempt the breakthrough tomorrow night. What do you think?

What's wrong with tonight?

Dr. Troy:
Well, if you feel...

October (interrupting) Tomorrow.

Dr. Troy eyes her suspiciously.

Dr. Troy:
As I said, then. Tomorrow.

92. Int. October's Room-Night

Number Seven crawls quietly out of bed. October is sleeping. He raises the window and climbs out onto the fire escape. Two white curtains flutter in the breeze.

93. Ext. Fire Escape-Night

Through the gauze curtains, we see October. She awakens to find her lover gone.

Ext. Zodiac Orpheum-Night

Here the splendor of the administrators is manifest. Searchlights illuminate the gleaming whiteness of the Orpheum, an eclectic architectural masterpiece with the elegance of Versailles and the austerity of the Reichstag.

95. Int. Hallway-Night.

Lead by the camera, Number Seven walks down a long hallway-chandeliers overhead.

96. Another angle.

He reaches the end of the hall. There, in front of him, a small door three feet high. The molding around the top of it like a lentle post is splashed with a streak of blood.

97. Int. Crawlspace-Night.

From the other side, the small door swings open and the face of Number seven looks in. He crawls forward several feet to the end of the space where an iron grating covers the opening.

98. Int. Dome-Angle on Grating-Night

Number seven peers through the grating into the place beyond.

99. Number Seven's POV:

Through the iron grating we look into a vast interior.

Off in the shadowy distance, the elders of the Zodiac are visible. Their crescent-shaped table of stone encompasses a marble slab on which something small is moving. The members of the Zodiac sit watching. Some of them smoke.

100. Angle on Number Seven:

He squints to make out the image more clearly.

101. Number Seven's POV:

His field of focus moves down toward the slab–A small baby lying on a wolf's skin holds a tiny featureless, jointed doll like a miniature crash-test dummy.

Another angle.

One of the Zodiac members suddenly raises his head, his gaze directed at the iron grate half-way up the far wall.

103. Angle on grating:

Alarm registers on the face of Number Seven. He's been discovered. Quickly, he backs away.

Int. Hallway-Night

Number Seven runs back down the hallway the way he came. Suddenly, behind him, he grows aware of a presence. He looks back, keeps running. Then a distant roar, growing louder.

At the far end of the hall the huge ball from the dome room, Rover X, appears, rolling toward him with a rumble that shakes the floor. He runs for his life. It's gaining on him. There's a door at the far end of the hall. he keeps running.

In the last spit-second he glances back over his shoulder as the huge sphere blots ut the light and rolls over him with a shriek.

105. Int. October's Room-Night

Number Seven awakens with a start. He jerks upright and gasps for breath. After a second or two he realizes that October is gone. He looks toward the open window. The curtains flutter in the wind like the empty sleeves of a ghost.

106. Int. Wolf's Tooth-Night.

In a back room behind closed doors, Zensetter and a small group of men and women meet in secret.

So what Burkes did is he assigned each one of these notes a numerical value.

A buzzer sounds. The men look up, startled. Zensetter gives a nod toward a secret exit.

107. Int. Bookshop-Night

Zensetter opens the front door. it's October. She's nervous.

What's this?

I have to talk to you. Something happened.

Come in. Tell me.

He locks the door behind her. She is trembling, on the verge of tears.

I think I know why I always passed by your shop. It's kind of hard to say...Something's trying to keep me from talking right now. I'm not myself. Do you know what I mean?

What? What are you saying?


When I started to love him, that's when I remembered who I was. I realized I was different than before and then I remembered who I was.

She sobs. He leads her toward the back of the shop.

Now calm down and give me information.

I think that another mind has been controlling me. It tried to use me to make me seduce Number Seven so I could give him to the enemy. But...

Go on.

I was its instrument. but I started to feel love. Now I know what I'm doing. What is it? It's close to the One. it's evil. What is it, Zensetter?

I fear that you may have been eclipsed.

What's that?

The spirits of some of those close to the One can parasitically infest your consciousness. Take over your mind.

In a sudden burst of uncharacteristic coarseness, she laughs and scowls.

You're crazy, Zensetter. You're a lying pig!

She slaps him hard in the face. He grasps her hand and clutches it tightly. Clearly this outburst is the manifestation of the alien spirit that inhabits her. Then, her own spirit reasserts itself.

At this moment she is like a frightened little girl.

Am I sick? Am I going to die?

His firm grasp on her shoulder is reassuring. His voice is calm.

Come with me.

He opens a heavy door and they go downstairs.

108. Int. Zensetter's Lab-Night

Several focused beams of light cut through the darkness of the room. It is the lab not of a scientist but a psychic, its equipment and symbols being oriented not so much toward measurement as toward transmutation.

October sits in a chair with wolves' heads on the armrests. Taking a small knife, Zensetter cuts off a piece of her hair and places it in a mortar.

You got the record in the mail and started to listen to it and that's when you first noticed the change?

Her answers are short and breathy.

Unh huh. Unh huh.

He sprinkles some powder into the mortar and lights it with a match. Her hair burns to blue ash.

But these feelings of love have awakened you to your circumstances.


A new tear glistens from her eye. With a small glass rod Zensetter plucks the tear from her cheek and drops it in a vial. Next, he pours in the ashes of her hair.

109. Another angle.

Zensetter takes from his cabinet a glass beaker which glows in his hand like a piece of fallen star.

Now, let us see what flesh and blood conceal.

Wearing a pair of dark welder's goggles, he pours the glowing liquid into the vial and holds it up to October.

Star fire...your ashes...your tears. drink this.

She takes it into her trembling hand and drinks it down.

Immediately, intense white light suffuses the air around her. She stands up, violently knocking the heavy chair aside.

This was not on the program.

No. What...

He pulls the goggles back.

110.Zensetter's POV

An aura of red light shot through with spikes of gold surrounds October and, faintly, a grotesque face shines through her own with eyes like emptiness–like nothingness.

111. Another angle

Zensetter's heart stands still as three syllables struggle from his mouth.

Num-ber three.

The air is gone. With a deafening roar, a cyclonic wind starts ripping through the lab. Blue lightening and yellow sulphur-smoke, the stench of hell and the shriek of annihilation rack the room spewing cosmic shrapnel.

Zensetter is blown off his feet by the blast.

The whirlwind sucks everything into its vacuum and bends the tiny lab with its abysmal light.

Zensetter is slammed against the wall and spat to the floor, unconscious, perhaps dead.

A strange groan like the earth winding down at the end of time twists slowly through the violated air.

A torn page from a book floats slowly to the floor like a falling leaf.

112. Int. Stairwell-NightNumber Seven is pulling on a coat as he descends the stairs.

On the landing below, October steps into view. They both stop. There is a long beat.

I was coming to look for you. I was asleep. I woke up. You were gone.

She steps up to him, takes hold of his hands, and smiles just the way a woman would who was touched that someone would worry.

I'm here now.

Together, the two of them ascend the stairs. An evil MUSIC walks beside them. End Act III

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