The Prisoner series

This is the series that was preceded by the Danger Man/Secret Agent Man series of shows. The Prisoner was a relatively short series that followed the story of one man who was captured in order to find out "information." That man became known as #6 and spent the series trying to escape and outwit those who ran The Village.

Although the technology is dated now, the show is still of excellent quality, interesting and intense. What I will be doing here is writing reviews, sometime with spoilers (so be warned!) about each of the episodes.


A, B and C
A Change of Mind
Chimes of Big Ben
Chimes of Big Ben, alternate version
Dance of the Dead
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
Fall out
Free for All
Hammer Into Anvil
It's Your Funeral
Living in Harmony
Many Happy Returns
Once Upon a Time
Schizoid Man
The General
The Girl Who Was Death

Other things

The Opening portion of the show
The Prisoner: The Video Companion
The closing portion of the show
The Edge of Within, a script for a Prisoner sequel series.
Symbology and the Village
The Prisoner File #1 cd
The Prisoner File #2 cd
The Prisoner File #3 cd
The opening, and an alternate Beatles opening I thought of
Thoughts of Patrick McGoohan
Which was Best-Dangerman or the Prisoner?
Prisoner Fanzines

Places in the Village

Map of the Village
The Control Center
The Green Dome
The Grocery
The Prisoner's cottage
Town Hall

Book reviews

Fall Out: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to The Prisoner
Thomas Disch novel
David Mc Daniel's book
A Day in the Life
Inside the Prisoner
Shattered Visage
Other books on the Prisoner
Departure Deferred review
No Way Out review
The Exterminator review
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Hell for Tomorrow review
Storm over Rockall review

The Prisoner Trading Cards

Original Fiction

Fall In
All Hope Abandon

Role-Playing Games

The Prisoner Role Playing Game by Hector Rene Segovia, powered by Fuzion
Steve Jackson game

Other Patrick McGoohan-related Things

Scarecrow of Romney Marsh movie
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh comic

You Tube Videos.

These are all found on You Tube.

Ad for Fall Out and the series itself
Alternative Opening to Arrival
Alternative Early part of Arrival
Commercial based on the Prisoner
Dem Bones song
French interview with Patrick McGoohan
In Search of The Prisoner
Music Video
Music Video 2
Music Video 3
Portmerion tourist photos
The Prisoner Video Companion
Rejected First Theme
Rejected Theme 2

My You Tube video on The Prisoner

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