Many Happy Returns

#6 gets up and starts to get ready for the day but finds out that things aren't working.

He then goes outside and finds out that no one is there.

After checking the Green Dome and finding no #2, the Prisoner takes one of the taxis and drives out from the village a short ways, looking at the mountains.

He then sets about building a raft.

He takes lots of photos (although what those are supposed to prove is beyond me, other than that he was at some sort of resort. Maybe he didn't know where there the Control Room was; pictures of that would have been useful.)

Later, while he is unconscious, some guys come along in a boat and take all his provisions (and proof of the Village) with them.

The Prisoner sneaks on the boat, though, and subdues the two guys on it. They escape, though, and he ends up jumping for it, leaving almost everything behind.

He meets some gypsies and finds out where a road is.

He avoids some policemen and jumps into a passing truck, then later jumps out.

It turns out he's back in London and goes to his apartment.

Unfortunately, there's someone else there.

A woman named Mrs. Butterworth now owns the apartment and his car, but she lets him drive the car anyhow.

He returns to the man he originally gave his resignation to.

He shows the developed photos to his former co-workers (notice a future #2 on the right.)

The Prisoner works with various people to figure out a rough location for the Village, then takes off in a jet to look for it, not realizing the pilot is not the real one.

He spots the Village from the air. Notice in the picture that there is regular land to the east of the Village and some kind of causeway North, so escaping by land would have been possible unless it's some kind of very strange and very large island. The fake pilot then ejects the Prisoner.

He returns to his apartment in the Village and Mrs. Butterworth, the new Number Two, brings him a birthday cake.

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