Faraday and Company

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  • First telecast: Sept. 28, 1973
  • Final telecast: Aug. 13, 1974


  • Frank Faraday......Dan Dailey
  • Steve Faraday....James Naughton
  • Holly Barrett....Sharon Gless
  • Lou Carson...Geraldine Brooks

Frank Faraday was a private detective who had served 25 years in a South American jail for a crime that he had not committed. When he was finally released he was forced to adjust to a world very much changed, including a son. Steve, he had never known (born to his secretary, Lou Carson, after his imprisonment), Steve had himself become a detective. After tracking down and bringing to justice the man who had actually committed the crime for which he had been imprisoned, Frank joined forces with his son in operating a Los Angeles detective agency that specialized in security investigations. The contrast in styles between the two men created constant tensions and strains in the relationship, for father Frank often resorted to old-style physical force against a new generation of technologically and legally astute criminals. Faraday and Company was one of the four rotating elements in the 1973-1974 version of the NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie. The others were Banacek, The Snoop Sisters and Tenafly.

Total Television: A Comprehensive Guide to Programming From 1948 to 1980

One segment of The NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie, Faraday and Company alternated with Banacek, The Snoop Sisters, and Tenafly. It featured Dan Dailey as Frank Faraday, a private eye who escapes to the United States after spending twenty-eight years in a Caribbean prison (he'd been framed, of course); James Naughton as Steve Faraday, Frank's new partner, the son Frank had never seen; Geraldine Brooks as Lou Carson, Frank's former secretary and Steve's mother, the woman Frank had intended to marry twenty-eight years before, and Sharon Gless as Holly Barrett, their current secretary and Steve's girlfriend. This appears to have been the first series other than a soap opera in which a parent and an illegitimate child were regular characters.