Special Note

Please note. I am not Sharon Gless nor am I here publicity director. I am not officially connected or even unofficially connected with her or the show. I don't know her home address, her e-mail (if she has one), or her home page address (if she has one). I'm just someone who feels she is a wonderful actress. I apologize if I've confused or misled anyone over my own status in relation to Ms. Gless.

Sharon Gless Fan Center

I get e-mail from people who are fans of Sharon Gless, and I've decided to set up a section where those who walk to communicate with other Sharon Gless fans can find e-mail addresses. If a lot of people end up signing up I'll move this to a separate section. Send any info. about yourself you want, or just state you want to talk with other fans.

There is a Sharon Gless Fan club. The U.S. Branch has the following address: Sharon Gless Fan Club (U.S.)Post Office Box 91915; Los Angeles, CA 90009; ""

The club was founded in 1984 and is officially supported and sanctioned by Sharon Gless.

Please keep in mind that this fan club, like most others, is run by fans, not big businesses. Thus, out of courtesy, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you are in the U.S., or an International Reply Coupon.

Also, updates are currently being sent by mail, not by e-mail. Thus, do not send an e-mail to the club asking to "subscribe"; in the future that might be possible but at the moment it is not.

Various Awards Sharon Gless has won

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