Nancy Drew Graphic Novels

There have been two series of these. The difference between the two sets is that the second set is a taller and wider book than the first set and the second set so far has been about Nancy and vampies.

1. The Demon of River Heights
2. Writ in Stone
3. The Haunted Dollhouse
4. The Girl Who Wasn't There
5. The Fake Heir
6. Mr. Cheeters is Missing
7. The Charmed Bracelet
8. Global Warning
9. Ghost in the Machinery
10. The Disoriented Express
11. Monkey Wrench Blues
12. Dress Reversal
13. Doggone Town
14. Sleight of Dan
15. Tiger Counter
16. What Goes Up
17. Night of the Living Chatchke
18. City Under the Basement
19. Cliffhanger
20. High School Musical Part I
21. High School Musical Part II

Second set

1. Nancy Drew: Vampire Slayer (2010-09-14) 2. A Vampires Kiss (2010-10-21)

Nancy Drew Graphic Novels, version 2

Vampire Slayer
Vampire Slayer, books 2

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