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Friday, October 30, 2015, 2:41pm: Long-ish time, no write. B. and I have been playing "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer" and LOVING it! But more on that later.

This morning THIS happened just up the street. Cat'r said he saw flashing lights against his window blinds early this morning, didn't hear any sirens, and went back to sleep. We got up around 9-ish. Here is what was left of a house up the street:  Here is the story from WXIX:


Fire destroyed a vacant home early Friday, authorities said.
A neighbor walking in the 1300 block of Cross Creek Drive spotted the residence on fire and called 911 about 6:15 a.m.
When fire crews arrived, the blaze was too far along and large for them to safely venture inside to extinguish it, they said.
Fire crews battled the blaze defensively from the exterior and reported it knocked down shortly after.
No one was inside, fire officials said.
The home appears to be a total loss, they said.
The cause and a damage estimate remain under investigation.


Here are my tweets this morning:

Blackened husk of house up the street still smoking. Heavy smoke smell in the air. Didnít hear the sirens, althoughÖ

Although Catír saw flashing lights against his window. He heard no sirens & went back to sleep. We were up late w/ER run for Bís ear.

We were really tired. Tip of hearing aid came off in Bís ear. ER doc got it out safely. B has a tube in that ear, so didít risk it ourselves

Got to bed about 3:30am. So, didnít hear sirens.

Here are photos I took around 9:30am (click all photos to see them much larger):

Siding melted off adjacent house and garage. Photo taken from front porch.  You can still see smoke coming from the roof 2 or 3 hours later.  Photo taken from front porch.
Photos taken from upstairs window.

B. walked up the street and got even better photos. I'll link to them when they're up. He said that there were scorch marks on the sidewalk ACROSS the street from the house! And bits of paper and debris had blown up towards our house, that he saw as he walked towards the burnt house.

In other, HAPPIER news: here are some of the screenshots of houses and facilities I've made in "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer". I don't know if I'll make a separate blog over in my AC section or not. But I have a lot of them up over on Flickr. They are in my Games & Apps album. Please go check them out! And if you're also playing AC:HHD, please view and rate some or all of them! Let me know if you'd like me to come see your work and rate it too!

Here is where you can find me: listed on CM's Diary index page !

AND I've been playing a lot more "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" again! I am doing major work on my houses. I'm going to have Sonny pay off all his loans and get the hugest house possible. Then it's going to be a warehouse, for MY things! Muahahahaha!

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Monday, November 2, 2015, 5:15pm: Okay NOW all the screenshots of my "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer" houses and facilities are here on The Mouse House! I may still post some on Flickr, but I intend to keep them ALL here. Go to my new pages for lots of pictures and links (if you're playing the game too!)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 3:39am: Yes, I'm up waaaay too late. Here is what I posted in several places:


All the places

Trying to remember all the addresses (street numbers included) where I've lived back through the years. And then looking at the houses on Google maps, street view. That can be upsetting, so much has changed.

It's 11 addresses. The longest I have ever lived anywhere was from 1980-2012. The only street number I was iffy on was the last place Mama and I lived together, before she moved down to Florida, getting back together with Daddy, and me marrying B. in 1980.

Google maps is a time machine...

(ETA: Bwahahaha! Then add in trying to remember all your town layouts in every Animal Crossing game you've ever played. Keep in mind I had 4 (still have 1) different towns in the original GameCube AC: LarkRise, Happy, Tempus, and NeatTown. I have two AC: Wild World towns: Candlefd and Luisvill. B. and I had only one town in AC: City Folk: New_Hope. And I have only one town in AC: New Leaf: Fordlow. I am calling my town in AC: Happy Home Designer Maustown. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is a town/board game. I guess we'll have to name it at some point.)

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