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Part 110

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015, 3:34pm: There are lots of other places where I hang out and where you can find me. Look for all that on CM's Diary index page.

I haven't updated Henry's and Fred's pages, but Henry is 27 today...and I think Fred, for some inexplicable reason, is the same age. Fred had a rough day yesterday: he kept getting poop and snakes in the mail. I'd be upset too. Poor ole guy. Henry and George (B.'s Tam) have been hanging out each day: having dinner together, going to the beach, going to the playground, etc.

Little Lemondrop turned into a Mametchi 24 hours after hatching! So cute! I am getting the hang of the Tetris-like letters-falling game, but still have only won it once. PICTURES!

A Trio of Tamagotchi L.L. Jumping for Joy L.L. More Sedate


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Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 4:10pm: Well, I finally made some changes to the CM's Diary Index Page. I've tightened things up, so that all the earlier years are listed on separate pages. You'll see what I mean. That means you don't have to scroll down so far to get to the most recent page.

Oh yeah. A new program we are watching (we're a little behind the times, by a couple months): "Mr. Robot". It's amazing! But it's not for kids, for sure. Sex, drugs, and lots of hacking of computers, etc. I don't see how this is going to have a good ending, but it's mesmerizing. The geek in me loves it.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015, 5:13pm: It's going to take forEVer to get my webpages fixed up. I have been finding out that web competitions don't exist anymore (so lots of broken links there), that guestbooks (well, Bravenet) are a thing of the past, that so many places I used to get graphics from are gone. At some point I will have all the embedded midi's off the site. I started going through CM's Diary today, to take out links to external sources (mostly--Bandai, well...). This is going to be But I don't want things to be broken. So please be's going to probably take me months...years? get this all done. I see that The Garden of Friendship is still around, so I can leave that entire section for a while.

Okay, enough of that. I need to go eat. I need to cook this evening. Maybe we'll have time to watch something this evening too. Little Lemondrop has been awake this afternoon, but I've had Henry and Fred paused--too many beeping people! Some (most) of the programs we watch are questionable content for little Tams, I think. The only programs I think are good for them are "Running Man" and "Infinity Challenge".

One last comment: are the newer-style Tamagotchi like adult children who move back home or never leave? Parenting was better with vintage Tams. B. and I have aging Tams who show no sign of leaving. Maybe we treat them too well. Argh.

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Monday, August 24, 2015: 2:26pm: Saturday, the 22d, was B.'s and my 35th wedding anniversary! It doesn't feel like it's been that long...! Here is our little cake. And we all saw "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in the evening. Gotta love Marvel *anything*! And...Thor. ::sigh:: 

Last night B.'s Tamagotchi Friends Tam, George, left. Just at bedtime, he left a little letter saying, "Bye Bye". B. was offered three new eggs from which to choose, but B. chose to remove the batteries. So no more visits to the beach for Henry. No more dinners with George. No more Jackpot earnings. Henry will have to earn his money via games and visit with people in the park. George was 32 years old when he left.

Fred is poking along. Little Lemondrop seems content. It's odd not having a stats screen on the Tamagotchi Nano. You just offer food and see if he wants it or not. He *always* wants candy, though!

As to how long people will be here: I don't know if Henry and/or Fred will leave soon. But my new blue Tamagotchi P's (now with the English patch installed by the wonderful Ra) is on its way back to me. I'll be wanting to play with that pretty soon; and I won't want to be running other Tams when I am going to have to really concentrate on the complexity of a P's. Well, we'll see what happens...

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 8:04pm: I sent both Henry and Fred back to Planet Tamagotchi this evening. I gave Henry a big steak (his favourite food) to keep him full and happy on his trip back. Fred had a nice long soak in his tub before he went. I hope their lives here were good. I'll miss them.  

Little Lemondrop is still with me. I'm not sure if he's supposed to change into another character or not. I guess I'll wait and see.

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Monday, August 31, 2015, 7:09pm: I started up a Tamagotchi iD L (English version) yesterday. His name is Elliot. I made a rudimentary page for him. I won't be doing detailed stats, but I will keep track of the generations. I have lots to learn, as these newer Tams have a lot more going on!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 11:28am: We've turned the corner! It's September! I know it's going to be really hot this week, but technically we've begun meteorological autumn! Yay! My favourite time of year!

Here are pictures of Elliot! I didn't take a picture of him outside today, but it's pouring down rain! The odd part of this is that you can't buy clothing or accessories for these Tamas until they are adults. So poor Elliot can't have an umbrella! Somehow he doesn't seem affected by the rain, though, which is good.

As a child (Kaubotchi) As a teenager (Hanikamitchi)


4:23pm: I haven't been paying attention to my Tams very well today because I was busy making a web page for/about Mama. It's been almost 5 years since she passed away...

5:16pm: But of course. I took too good a care of Elliot. He turned into a Mametchi. I always get Mametchi! Argh!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 2:25pm: Elliot seemed to have a nice time here on Earth, but I thought it might be time for him to get married and have a family. So this afternoon he went to the Matchmaker and chose a cute little Perotchi. She likes to cook and promises to cook all Elliot's favourite foods. She is good at baking too, and will bake him lots of bread, his favourite. Elliot is a very nice, intelligent, well-behaved Tamagotchi and will be a good husband for her. As I said on their page, "They went on a wonderful honeymoon. He brought home an egg, which hatched into a bouncing baby boy. Elliot played with him until Robbie fell asleep. Then Elliot sidled off and left the baby with ME." Well, we'll see what this little cutie turns out to be!

In other news: just about all our favourite summertime TV shows got renewed! "Dark Matter", "Killjoys", "Humans", "Stitchers", "Mr. Robot"! "Extant" Cat'r and I are behind on, suffering through, and did NOT get renewed, which is a blessing. :-p

Just now, at 2:31pm, I sent Little Lemondrop back home to Planet Tamagotchi. He was 26 years old! I hope you had a good time here with us! Bye bye, sweetie!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015, 12:28pm: Here is what Robbie looks like at present (click the picture to see it larger). He's probably going to change into a teenager some time today:


12:49pm: Serious time: I would like your thoughts and prayers for B., my DH. He is having parathyroid surgery (which is removal of some/part of the tiny glands behind the thyroid gland, in your neck) on Tuesday, the 15th, at 9:30am. It is general anesthesia, but same-day surgery. I am hoping there will not be any excessive bleeding or anything untoward during and after. Also peaceful thoughts for us all, now and on beyond the surgery. Thank you, everyone! [cross-posted from/to Facebook, CountryMouse's Refuge, CountryMouse's LiveJournal, etc.]

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Friday, September 11, 2015, 3:40pm:  Robbie turned into his adult form this afternoon: a Sunopotchi! Looks like a little penguin guy in an old-style pilot hat with goggles and a scarf. He wished me Happy Birthday this morning when he was still a teenager and again this afternoon after he had grown up! Cake and stuff! Cool!

I went to my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town of Fordlow. Clay was waiting outside my front door and escorted me to his house where he and Joey and Camofrog threw me a party! Fun! And they gave me a cute present! A hat that looks like a birthday cake!

For fun today we cleaned the entire first floor. ::grin:: Well, getting ready for B. having surgery and a lady to come stay with me while the guys are at the hospital. Someone coming over is always a good reason to clean house. :-D We are having cake and ice cream tonight, and we'll probably watch another episode of "Running Man". Waiting for our favourite shows to start up again now in the autumn!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015, 11pm: Update on B.: he got through the parathyroid surgery just fine on Tuesday. He has some hoarseness, though, because of the intubation. I have a photo of the stitches; but I'm not going to post it, as it might weird some folks out. It's not bad. He'll be seeing the surgeon next Wednesday for the post-op follow-up visit. Please continue to do healing thoughts and prayers! Thank you, everyone! [cross-posted from/to Facebook, CountryMouse's Refuge, CountryMouse's LiveJournal, etc.]

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Friday, September 18, 2015, 3:38pm: FOUND! I thought I had lost and/or given away these pens sometime between 2012 (when we moved from our apartment to our Deer House) and now. I found them with some empty velvet pen sleeves today! Click the photo to see it larger.


From left to right: two Pelikan M75 GO! pens; Sheaffer 122 School pen (stubbed nib, especially for me); Genius pen; Sheaffer cartridge pen (circa 1960). The one on the right is the most important to me. I used that pen back in the early 1960's in my first journals. I am SO HAPPY to have found these today!

Yes, Robbie is still all right. I haven't decided when to marry him off yet. I don't have time at the moment to take care of a baby, which is what will happen if he gets married. :-D Besides, shouldn't he stay around to see "Doctor Who" tomorrow?? And then "Downton Abbey" on Sunday?? W00t!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015, 11:58am: THIS is coming! Tomorrow! I already have some of the Japanese amiibo cards; and I have several English-language cards on pre-order, arriving next Tuesday. Excited! I have one mouse--I hope I get more!

So because I don't think I'll have time to properly pay attention to him, I sent Robbie home today. I had him clean his house and take a bath (as usual), dressed him in his favourite clothes, took him to the restaurant and the cafe and got him his favourite foods, took him to the arcade, Donut Park, also to see the King. Then I sent him back home to Planet Tamagotchi. I hope he finds a nice girl to marry there. I'm not sure if he might come back someday when I put batteries back in the case. We shall see! Bye for now, sweetie! 

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