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Part 28

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Tuesday, May 7, 2002: I started up a little (?!) Yasashii Tamagotchi this afternoon! His name is Barnavelt, from the series of books by John Bellairs. Hope to get my page changes uploaded before the next round of thunderstorms rolls through! What a loud and interesting way for Barnavelt to begin his visit here on Planet Earth!

Later: Well *that* was cute! At 6pm precisely Barnavelt called (beeped), and I got to see him briefly having a little bath in what looked like a little teacup! Very cute!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002: Barnavelt went to bed at 7pm last night. I am not sure exactly what time he got up this morning, but it was before *I* got up. ::grin:: He awakened me a couple times with beeping for food and such. I think I did miss one call for discipline (one "selfish" call that I did not respond to). Two cute things I noticed: a couple times he was lifting weights; and when I filled all the meters up before being "asked to", he danced around to a little tune (musical notes on the screen also).   Another thing to mention: it's really good that the buttons light up and flash when your Tam calls: that way you can have the sound off if need be and still notice if your Tam needs you.

almost midnight: Been workin' hard! Lots of new photos in the Mouse with PalmPix! section! Go see!

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Thursday, May 9, 2002: Barnavelt is still in his second stage of development (as of 2:16pm). I wonder when he will change. As usual, I am terrible at the guessing-where-the-matching-snack-food-is-hidden game. So that's why Barnavelt is getting so fat: I have to resort to giving him snacks to make him happy instead. And that's why for two mornings in a row he's been sick. The Heart button (top right) functions as a praise/discipline/healing button. When your Tam is sick (death's head showing on the screen), you press that button and your Tam instantly gets a little ice bag on his head! I much prefer this to giving him an injection (P1 Tam) or medicine (P2 Tam), which always makes them angry/unhappy. At least with the ice pack, your Tam sits there patiently (no pun intended) and waits to be healed.

A couple other notes: there are 6 "dedicated" buttons on the Yasashii Tamagotchi, that light up and flash when you are needed. Also they prompt you as to what you should do next sometimes. There are also two small buttons below the bottom row of dedicated buttons: the left one helps you move around on the "happiness up" menu (game or snack?); also you can get to the clock screen by pressing it. The right button is the one you use to cancel out of menus and such. Anyway, in clock mode, you can press both these buttons to pause your Tam. However, the dedicated button for the Stats screens flashes continuously once you have done this, prompting you to finish setting up and get back to your Tam. That flashing would bother me no end, plus worry me about whether it would be using up battery power to flash endlessly like that, if I were to pause my Tam for any length of time. Other functions of the two smaller buttons: in clock mode, the left button sets the hour, the right one sets the minute; then hit the (flashing-in-order-to-prompt-you) Stats/Meters button to complete setting the clock; then the left small button to get back to the main Tam screen.

4:30pm: Yay! Threat of severe weather is past! A few pics describing that are in the Mouse with PalmPix! section.

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Friday, May 10, 2002: First, let me make this observation: unlike P1 Tams and P2's, Yasashii Tamagotchi wake up each morning with ALL their hungry hearts EMPTY! So beware! :-p

Barnavelt awoke, as usual, at 7am. At 7:27am he evolved (into a form for which I don'tBarnavelt know the name) and promptly fell asleep. When he awoke at 8am, he had gained another/extra year and lost both ALL his discipline and all his filled-up hungry hearts. ::sigh:: I paused him for a couple hours while I was out today. I have been neglectful enough of him (two mornings in a row he has called me because of totally empty happy and hungry hearts and also because of sickness), so I thought I should be more careful.

Later: New photos, from our trip to the library this morning (Barnavelt did not come along), on the Mouse with PalmPix! page; but who knows when I will actually get to upload it?! Our ISP was bought by another company; and today they were moving all the ftp servers over to their own machines. They said it would take all day. Also a minor adjustment on the Mouse with PalmPix! pages: no more NEXT buttons. Too hard on the mouse when redoing pages to make more archival ones. Just go back to the main PalmPix page and choose the archive page you want from the menu at the bottom (as it is set up here in the Diary section).

Barnavelt is now arising at 8am (it seems) and going to bed at 8pm. He is taking his bath at 7pm now, instead of 6pm. He is still not in his final stage of development. All you Tam owners, I am sure you know by now to always be on the lookout just before your Tams go to sleep at night. I checked Baravelt about 7:55pm and found poop beside him AND a death's head! So I quickly flushed everything, then healed him and got him all ready for bed. Whew!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002: Barnavelt left me yesterday at 1:09pm edt.  At that time there was a lot of tinkly beeping and flashing buttons. I checked to see what was happening, thinking that he was finally going to transform into his adult form. But no, he was weeping Pay It Forwardcopiously. I pushed a button; and the spaceship landed, putting down little stairs. I pushed a button again, it took off with Barnavelt aboard, and then I was shown Barnavelt's stats and such. I can't believe he didn't even make it to adulthood. This type of Tamagotchi is supposedly *easier* to raise ("yasashii" meaning "easy") than a "regular" Tamagotchi, but I don't think so. Every morning the Tam's hungry hearts are empty upon awakening. And these Tams awaken EARLY (7am). So if you miss that, you are bound to have a hungry and unhappy Tam within one hour's time. I cannot recall anyone ever having mistreated (intentionally or accidentally) a "regular" Tamagotchi badly enough that it never even reached adulthood. ::sigh:: At least Barnavelt watched "Pay It Forward" with me on Sunday afternoon. He also surfed the 'Net extensively with me. Bye-bye, Barnavelt! I hope you enjoyed your time here! I am really sorry you had to leave so soon!

Oh yes. New photos in the Mouse with PalmPix! section. I did NOT take Barnavelt out in all that rain! I paused him and left him at home.

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Thursday, May 16, 2002: Yesterday I defragged my hard drives, then did a freshfin fin install of fin fin on my computer. I have really been enjoying watching him, photographing him, slowly trying to entice him to take a Lemo fruit from me. :-) I forgot how relaxing and enjoyable this program is. Click on the image at right (which is a cropped-down pic of one I snapped earlier this morning) to go to the wide shot (and MUCH LARGER, file-size-wise) of this photo in the Amile Forest. I have been snapping photos like mad (as I have done in the past--I have a ZIP disk FULL of fin fin photos!), as fin fin is so entertaining and Teo, his planet, is so beautiful.

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Moby - 18Saturday, May 18, 2002: Moby will be on "Saturday Night Live" tonight--watch it! ::mouse eagerly awaiting her copy of Moby's newest CD, "18", which she pre-ordered from

More playing with fin fin: I haven't gotten his friendship meter to go up much, mostly because I have been looking at scenery and not always checking on what fin fin himself is doing. I may "cheat" and use one of the passwords that changes his colour and incidentally raises his friendliness towards the contactee.

A few new photos in the Mouse with PalmPix! section--it was a nice cool rainy day yesterday, so of course I had to try for a few photos to document it. :-)  Too bad I don't have smell-o-photos! The air smelled and felt *wonderful*!

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Thursday, May 30, 2002: (the *real* Memorial Day here in the U.S.A.) Teddy decided he needed to write some email early this morning, so here are photos of him doing just that! (if your browser supports ALT tags, be sure to read them!)

12:30pm: Adding some pictures from around the house (taken May 28th) in the Mouse with PalmPix! section. Storm pictures from the same day to follow today or tomorrow.


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