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Part 32

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Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2002: I redid the Mouse with PalmPix! section, to be like the Mouse with Coolpix! section: that is, with the photos running from oldest-to-newest, like how one puts photos in an album. And also like how I have this diary set up. :-) And I was able to put anchors back in, to help y'all get to specific batches of photos without spending a lot of scrolling around, looking.

There has been a small change on my links page, Places To Go, People To See: you can now go see our little domain splash page from there (or here!) and see who else occupies! Check out their sites!

My next big project will be an entire section for my gel pen collection! But I have lots of photos to take first. I took some, but found that I really really should've been using a tripod, to make sure everything comes out crystal clear. So that's in the Coming Attractions section of things. :-P  [EDIT July 8, 2003: Here it is! My Gel Pen Collection!]

And yes, there are still more Coolpix photos; photos of Teddy; photos of Christopher; photos of Briarberry girls (and boys and friends); photos of Daisy; photos of other Fuzzy Friends; and even scans and photos of virtual pets and their accessories that I have not gotten put up on the site yet. Bizzy bizzy, much to do!

Oh yes: if you see anything broken, please email me at and let me know what's not working, where it is, and such. Thanks in advance!

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Friday, September 6, 2002, 2:50am: I decided to make a Memorial Page for the victims and heroes of September 11th. I didn't last year because I was in shock about it for about a month. And there were my ongoing health issues also [EDIT Feb. 3, 2004: see this entry about breast cancer]. September 11th, as you may know if you've been reading my diary for a while, is also my birthday. So last year was very weirdly upsetting...On the bright side, it's also Moby's birthday. :-) Okay, I need sleep. Goodnight all. :-) 

9:49am: There might not seem to be much "content" on the above-mentioned Memorial Page, but I chose all the banners and plaques carefully--they say what I do not feel I am eloquent enough to say myself. Nothing on that page was a random choice.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002: A few new pictures in the Mouse with Coolpix! section, on Page 3.

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Thursday, September 12, 2002: Yes, some new rain-and-sunshine pictures! They are here, on Page 3 of Mouse with Coolpix!

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Friday, September 13, 2002: And a whole new page of Coolpix photos! :-)

later: Well I know I haven't talked about virtual pets much lately. In fact, sometimes this diary resembles a "what's new" page more than anything else. I just get so caught up in tinkering with The Mouse House, that all else seems to fall by the wayside! Eep!

What are always part of my life are my stuffed animals. They are fun and playful, they are comforting, they are always there for you. Bears especially, but all fuzzy people, really.

And the other thing that is always tugging at me is, "Oh, I want to get a picture of that!" (whatever *that* is!). Things seem more alive and beautiful, when you are thinking through a least it seems so to me. So that's why those sections of my site are the ones I am fiddling with the most at present.

I also collect Hello Kitty and other Sanrio things, but I doubt I will try to do a section on that--I have so much Sanrio stuff all over the house, use it extensively, that it would be hard to get it all together and photograph! LOL! Oh, and my stationery collection, which is ever-growing! :-)  My idea of a Good Time is to go to an office supply store or card shop!

I am really thankful summer is just about at an end, here in SW Ohio. It has been an especially hot and dry one this year. I can't decide if my favourite time of year is autumn or winter...but we are coming into that time I love the most. :-) I can't wait to take photos of the colourful leaves and deep blue skies! And I wonder if I can take my tripod outside and take photos of the moon??? Really, every season has its beauty. I think taking pictures helps one notice even the smallest changes more.

Pink roseWhich leads me into something a bit more serious: life is beautiful, each moment. We are probably much more aware of that now, in light of September 11th, 2001. Let's take time to let our friends and family know that we love them, whether it's in words, written or spoken, or in deeds, or hugs, or anything else. As John Edward, of "Crossing Over", says, "Communicate, appreciate, and validate."


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