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I bought a GameBoy! Just so I could get the GameBoy Tamagotchi cartridge! Which I did! Here is what the box and enclosed sheet of little decals look like (click on each image to see it larger):


Front of box Decals for your
Back of box


The instructions in the book and in the game are all in Japanese, which unfortunately I can't read, so I was relying on my Tam-in-egg experience when I began playing with this. It helped *some*, but these Tams are much more complex and more fragile than Tams-in-egg.

I accidentally killed my first two Tams. Eep!

Tam #1: Didn't get any farther than babitchi stage. I thought that I had him in suspended animation while taking care of Tam #2...but apparently this wasn't so. He died from too many piles of poo building up around him :-( 

Tam #2 (named ????): Lived to 2 years old, was a marutchi. I fed him too many snacks (these Tams are much less tolerant of snacks than in-egg Tams!), and he got sick too many times. That last piece of cake (I was only trying to increase his happiness! eek!) was the last straw. :-( On the memorial chart (?) it looks like he went home. Maybe his body was sent home to Planet Tamagotchi?

Tam #3 (named Kiko (CM finally learns a little bit of Hiragana!)): Lived to 2 years old, was a tongaritchi. Was fairly happy and healthy! Then I chose the menu item I *thought* was the one for the beauty contest or racing game...but instead I sent Kiko home on a big rocketship! Eeeeeeeep! What a shock!

Tam #4 (Sept.11-Sept.26, 1997, named Eko): Was a 5-year-old kutchipatchi, happy and healthy. She was able to participate in the races 3 different days (even as a "teenager"). I was in the process of looking for the beauty pageant when I accidentally found a sub-sub-sub menu that sent her home on a big rocketship to Planet Tamagotchi. :-( Bye-bye, Eko! I love you! You were a sweetie and lots of fun! ::waving::

Tam #5 (hatched Sept.27, 1997, named Biko): Was a 6-year-old masktchi, weighing 31 grams. Hungry hearts: 4 full; happy hearts: 4 full. Her intelligence was at 100%, her strength at 50%, but her discipline was only at 25% (masktchi are known for being rascally!). I sent her home on a big rocket on Jan. 6, 1998. Bye-bye, dearie!

Tam #6 (hatched Oct.24, 1997, named !?!?): Was a 3-year-old marutchi, weighing 22 grams. Hungry hearts: 4 full; happy hearts: 3 full. His intelligence and discipline were both at 75%, but his strength was only at 50% (well, jumping over those high hills to catch the balls falling out of the sky is *difficult* for a little marutchi!). I sent him home on a rocketship on Jan. 6th, 1998, also. ::waving:: Have fun back home!


Purple scrolly bar


For an article from Nintendo Power magazine, containing detailed hints on raising Tamagotchi on the English-language cartridge, go to My US GameBoy Tamagotchi Page!


Small cream-blue bar


Click on each image to see it larger!


The Tams live in a little house and here is what that looks like! There are icons for taking care of your Tam(s), just like on the egg, along the bottom. Along the top, the analog clock shows you what time of day it is for the Tam, as does the window. The upper right has a picture (that is also a hot-link) of each of your currently-running Tams (you can raise up to 3 Tams at one time). The Professor icon at the lower right helps you go to other menus, including going back to the main menu (title screen).

The title screen is VERY cute, with little Tamas popping up here and there, dancing to very cute music!


You can feed your Tam(s) various kinds of foods. They will let you know by their facial expressions if they like it or not!


The games menu gives you the choices of the left-right guessing game (increases happiness); an arithmetic game (increases intelligence); and a catch-the-ball game (increases strength).


If you want to see the Tams and their little house in living colour and larger-than-their-tiny-lives, get a Super GameBoy! It will look like this on your television set (well, larger, of course! Click on this picture to see a larger version of it!) Each time you start up the game in the Super GameBoy, the border will be a different/random egg deco!


(screen shots courtesy Chris Ivarson)


Blue flower vine


I have since also gotten a US/English-language version of the GameBoy Tamagotchi! Here is a comparison of the two cartridges:

Japanese and US GameBoy Tama cartridges


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Line of Tam1's and Tam2's!


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