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Yay! I now have a GameBoy Tamagotchi in English, so I know better what I am doing! Here is what the box front and back look like; and here is a comparison picture of what the Japanese and US cartridges look like (click on each image to see it larger):


Box front Cartridges Box back


Blue flower vine


For screen shots, etc., see My Japanese GameBoy Tamagotchi page (click here to zoom there!)


Purple scrolly bar


For detailed hints on raising GameBoy Tamagotchi, especially regarding what foods various Tamagotchi like and dislike, here is an article from the October 1997 issue of Nintendo Power magazine. These pictures of the pages are LARGE, both length-breadth-wise and file-size-wise. But the wait is worth it!




Cream blue bar


Tam #1 (hatched Oct. 24, 1997, named Avery): Was a 4-year-old kutchitamatchi. I guess I gave him one too many sweets. He had gotten sick earlier today (Jan. 6th, 1998) when I gave him ice cream, so I gave him a shot, pills, shot. He finally got well. I took him to the Beauty Pageant at noontime. He came in second place; but since he was crying when we got home, I wasn't thinking and gave him an ice cream, to soothe him. The screen started flashing and the skull came on again. Then he became an angel and mournful music played. Bye-bye, little Avery! ::sniffle:: I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you...

Tam #2 (hatched late October 1997, named Bebe): Was a 3-year-old tamatchi, weighing 21 lbs. She had 4 full Life (hungry) hearts and 4 full Fun (happy) hearts. Her IQ was at 100%, her Deed (discipline) was at 75%, but her Body (strength) was only at 50%. It is sooo hard to win the catch-the-ball game! I took her to the knowledge test today (Jan. 6th, 1998). She won the low levels, but didn't win on the top level. She was unhappy, but I did *not* give her a snack afterwards! Later today I decided she would be happier on her home planet, so I sent her back to Planet Tamagotchi on a big rocketship. Professor Banzo saw her off. Bye-bye, sweetie!

Tam #3 (hatched Jan. 10, 1998, named Cedric): Is a 7-year-old ginjirotchi, weighing 33 lbs. All of his meters are at full measure, except for Body (strength), which is at 75%. He went to the beauty pageant twice, as a tamatchi, and won both times, then went again for the first time as an adult (ginjirotchi) and won again! He's very cute! However, he's in stasis at the moment...I'll be back to see you soon, I hope, Cedric!


A line of Tam1's and Tam2's



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