My Mori no Tamagotchi

(Forest Tamagotchi)


Here is poor little dead Stanley, my Mori no Tamagotchi. He was hatched at 10:30am edt on Monday, April 27th, 1998 (from a white egg) and died by frog ingestion on Wednesday, May 6, 1998 around 11am edt:


Little mori ghost


As of 10:30am edt, Wednesday, May 6, 1998, his stats were approximately these:


Type funkorogachi
Age 9 years
Weight 83 mg.
Hungry 4 leaves
Happy 4 leaves



Ivy twining around a pole


Here is what Stanley's case looked like in the packaging:


Click on each picture to see it bigger!


Yellow bar


CM's Diary Click on the Diary icon to read  more about Stanley's life on Earth, beginning April 27, 1998.


Green bar with yellow lily



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