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At 4:03pm est Saturday, March 7, 1998 my friend athol-brose and I hatched our first Osutchi and Mesutchi Tamagotchi! These are variously known as Wedding Tams, Boy-Girl Tams, Mateable Tamagotchi, etc. They are linkable Tams that mate and have children!


Linked mateable Tams


Our first pair of Tams was named Ushiko and Umao after the famous inseparable couple in the anime series "Kimagure Orange Road"; and their children were named Malachite and Zoycite (from "Sailor Moon" ). *Their* children were named Milk and Honey! athol-brose raised Umao, Malachite, and Honey and reported on their progress in his "osuchi (the diary)". I raised Ushiko, Zoycite, and Milk and recorded their progress here. Honey departed this life on April 7th; Milk followed him on April 10th. They did not ever mate. Their eggs lay side by side for some time after their departure from this realm, and their little ghosts got to visit with each other every night from 6pm until 6am the next morning.


Line of candy hearts


Here are the three generations of mesutchi I raised:


Pixel animation of a kikochi
Ushiko,grandmother a kikochi
Pixel animation of a mimikochi
Zoycite,mother a mimikochi
Pixel animation of a pipochi
Milk,granddaughter a pipochi


My Diary Click on the Diary icon to read  more about Ushiko, Zoycite, and Milk, beginning March 8, 1998



Here is what the eggs looked like in their packaging:


Click on each picture to see it bigger!
(these are my own scans)


Pink rosesPink rosesPink roses



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