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This is Henry, born Wednesday, July 22, 2015 about 2:30pm EDT. He is an identical twin. He went through rigorous training on July 24th, which turned him into a noble knight! His stats are off by one year because I paused him overnight one night. As of 7:50pm EDT, Tuesday, August 25, 2015, his stats are:


Type Knighttchi
Age 33 years
Weight 45 lbs.
Hungry hearts 5 full
Happy hearts 5 full
Gender boy
Generation 3
Points 40p
BFF point FULL


I sent Henry back to Planet Tamagotchi in his lifepod on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 7:57pm EDT.



CountryMouse's Tamagotchi Friends History:

Name Type Dates Age Gender Generation
Amity Coffretchi July 7-14, 2015 7 years girl 1st
Sir Poop-A-Lot Mametchi July 14-22, 2015 8 years boy 2nd



CM's Diary

Read more about Henry's adventures in CM's Diary, starting Tuesday, July 22, 2015 (click the book at left!).








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