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Part 109

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015, 3:25pm: There are lots of other places where I hang out and where you can find me. Look for that on CM's Diary index page.

Sir Poop-A-Lot changed again around noon today. He's now a Cosmotchi! For someone so intelligent, you'd think he'd figure out about not pooping on the rug in his living room...Maybe aliens have different customs.

Anyway. B. started up hir Tam Friends yesterday. S/he's got a girl named Georgette. And with the help of some folks on Facebook and the Tamagotchi Friends instructions ONLINE (not the same as the printed ones that came with the Tams), we figured out how to do the "bump" thing! We've been getting gifts and visiting each other, etc. Fun! The thing they don't tell you in the printed instructions is when you're about to do the bump, you each must toggle which side of the heart is light or dark. One Tam has to have it on the left, and the other on the right. Then hit B and then bump! If you have a Tamagotchi Friends and are having a problem, google for the instructions.

Also, B. is really good at the driving game, but I was doing terrible. S/he said to hold the A or C button down (according to the arrow on the screen) and watch the road. I had been just tapping the A or C button. Now I'm doing better!

5:06pm: Aaaarrrrgh! Dream Town is sooooo addictive! Look at the time!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015, 2:21pm:  This afternoon Poopy became my favourite character, a Mametchi! But before that, this morning, B.'s Tam became a Coffretchi. She came to visit Poopy, and they went to the park! They played on the seesaw! That was really cute to watch. :-)

Poopy hasn't been doing a lot with us thus far because he goes to bed SO EARLY (7pm). Maybe now that he's a grown-up, he might stay up a little later and get to watch some TV with us. He HAS been going to Dream Town with me, though. :-) Shows we are watching this summer (besides "Killjoys"--can you tell we like science fiction?) are:

Dark MatterExtant


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Saturday, July 18, 2015, 5:50pm: Oops, I left Poopy downstairs, so I can't update his stats now. He's doing well, has been watching a lot of "Infinity Challenge" and "Running Man"  (another great Korean game/variety show--these are such happy fun shows, a good antidote to the darker super-hero and sci-fi things we watch) (click on the picture at right to see it larger). Also, when he visited Georgette (B.'s Tam) yesterday, they sat down and had a meal. It looked like pancakes. I think she also sent some home with him, because I know I didn't buy or win those pancakes that were in the pantry!

I got a used Tamagotchi Connection v4.5 in the mail today--a replacement for one I gave away/sold. It looks like the Earth with a golden star on the "antenna". I decided to start it up, just to see if it works. Heh. I named him Fred, and he's just transformed from a baby into what looks like a tamatchi??? I don't remember the character names! Anyway, this Tam came used, with no box or instructions, so I looked them up online. This is going to be a bit complicated and ... interesting. I don't know if I'll make a separate page for him. We shall see.

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Monday, July 20, 2015, 3:38am: I made a page for Fred. No actual stats are there yet, but if we don't have too many storms tomorrow, I may be able to update both his and Poopy's pages.

Speaking of Poopy, I think he and Georgette have formed a tendre for each other. She came to visit Poopy again today (still Sunday to me), they went to the park, swung on the swing, and then they kissed! B. and I are worried they might elope or something if we let them meet again! We don't want a teen marriage!

Activities: the boys have both been experiencing scary loud thunderstorms and mice being afraid of them (the storms, not the Tams). They have also been watching TV with us.

When it's not so late, I hope to put some photos in here.

3:37pm: I added a photo of Amity, her husband, and their baby (Sir Poop-A-Lot) on the previous page. Here are a couple photos of Fred and his egg (you can find more Tamagotchi photos I've taken on my Flickr page, in the Stuffed Animals & Toys album).

Fred's egg nestled in the branches of my old Tamagotchi tree microphone Fred, brushing his teeth at night

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 1:49pm: I forgot my Tams yesterday while I was making phone calls and such, so they were neglected. :-/  However, that did work in my favour, in that I didn't want another mametchi. So Fred turned into a Samuraitchi! Poopy stayed pretty steady and didn't starve.

Oh yeah: another SF TV show we're watching this summer, and some of which our Tams got to see, is "Stitchers". The conspiracy angle is more interesting than dipping into dead peoples' memories in order to solve crimes.

Today B. and I are going to let Georgette and Poopy go on a date--this could lead to marriage!

4:04pm: Sir Poop-A-Lot went to visit Georgette around 2:30pm, they decided to get married RIGHT THEN, then they had twins! One child went with each parent. Poopy hung around with his child for about an hour, then took off, presumably with Georgette. The child is now in my care. I think his name is Henry!

Sir Poop-A-Lot with his child

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Friday, July 24, 2015, 3:52pm: Henry turned into a Cosmotchi this morning before I woke up. I am being a terrible parent today, letting poop pile up, waiting until he tells me he's hungry before I feed him, etc. I don't want him to grow up to be a Mametchi, so that's why I'm being bad. But feeling somewhat guilty about it too...

Fred is coming along well, although I must've messed up about the job stuff. When I ask him to go to work, he refuses. It probably doesn't help that his discipline meter is only half-full. :-p

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Saturday, July 25, 2015, 1:52pm: All the strict and difficult training Henry went through yesterday turned him into a strong Knighttchi today! Just like all that Oliver Queen had to endure on the island (and other places) made him into the strong superhero/vigilante of Starling City. I gave Henry steak and eggs for breakfast! And I'll be sure to take extra good care of him from now on!

As for Fred, Mrs. Busybody the Matchmaker came visiting today. She had a Tsukkomitchi in tow. Mrs. Busybody asked if it was love. Fred gave an emphatic no. I have a feeling Fred is going to be a bachelor for a loooong time...unless a very special lady comes along!

<<<<<< 2:59pm: W00t! Tama Mail!!! Here's stuff that came today! (click on the pic to see it a gazillion times larger!<--click a second time)  There is a Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town (this will be my second one), a couple Tamagotchi P's pierces, a Dinkie Dino (a replacement for one that I sold), a Tamagotchi Music Star v6 + movie (DVD) + figurines, and some various Gotchi Gear.

Yes, I am getting a Tamagotchi P's! I already got it (it's blue), but it's currently on its way to someone very nice who is going to put the English patch(s) on it for me! I have been buying pierces in advance of having it/playing with it! I do NOT think I'll be making a special page for it. So far it seems like it will be way too complicated for that. We'll see... But I'm really excited that I'll have a Tamagotchi with a colour screen!!

Lately I've been haunting eBay and other places, looking for gently-used (or even new) Tams and other virtual pets to replace those I sold or gave away when I thought (HA!) that I would no longer want to own or play with vpets. B. *told* me I would be sorry if I sold them, but did I listen? Noooooo. And look where it got me: most of my large collection gone. :-(  But I am rebuilding, to some extent. I don't think I need every colour and every model of EVERYthing like before. Anyway, I'm glad I'm back into Tamagotchi.

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Monday, July 27, 2015, 2:03pm:  After Henry and George (B.'s 2nd generation Tam Friends) met up today, both of them maxed out their BFF Point hearts. A celebration! Each had an ancestor (it looked like) come to celebrate with him while "Turkey in the Straw" played! B. and I have both decided to keep our boy Tams bachelors. We don't want to continue the lines. I'm going to do that with Fred too.

About Fred: some bad people don't like him! They have sent him snakes and poop in the mail! It makes him really unhappy, as it would me! However, every once in a while, the King of the Tamagotchi sends him a letter with money or a gift in it! Now *that's* nice! Also, Fred is now going to work when I ask him. Sometimes he just shows up and gets paid; sometimes he has to drive a truck and not run into things! I'm still not sure about the work thing. I need to read the instruction manual more carefully. Also, I don't understand a couple of the games--need to study that too.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 10:06pm: I watched RaTamaZone's video review of the Golden Compass Alethiometer virtual pet I sold him years back. Eeek! I should've held onto it! So I did the natural thing: I bought another one. ::grin:: It came in today. The battery was dead and apparently had leaked a little acid. I cleaned it up, put a new battery in, and started it up. I just wanted to be sure that it worked okay. I'm playing as Lyra, and my daemon is Pan. I'm not doing stats this time around.

In Tamagotchi news, B.'s George and my Henry are definitely BFF's, i.e. having a bromance. :-)  They even went to the beach together and watched the waves roll in. It's kind of bittersweet, though, knowing they will never get married. But I make sure Henry goes to the park each day, and he sees George everyday. And I found out what Henry's favourite food is! STEAK! So he's getting that whenever the shop has it for sale!

The guys have been seeing a lot more of "Stitchers". We are now caught up on all our summer shows, I think. Well, no, we are behind an episode or two of "Running Man" (not just a "summer show", but one of our regulars).

::waffling about talking about what else the guys have seen on TV:: They watched, with B. and me (Cat'r was out at lunch), Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters hold a press conference today about the police murder of Samuel Dubose. I didn't watch all of the video from the policeman's body cam--everyone said it would be rough, seeing a man shot point blank in the head. I hope the Tams closed their eyes too. I won't go into how upsetting all this is, people being shot and killed by those who are supposed to protect us, for minor traffic violations...and on a regular basis. This was NOT the Cincinnati Police Department, but the police that work for the University of Cincinnati. Should a university even *have* a police department?! Obviously not trained properly on how to de-escalate situations, etc. Anyway, what must these little aliens think of us here on Earth?!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015, 1:24pm: I don't know what's going on with Fred. I can't find a graphic to show you. I thought he turned into an oyajitchi yesterday, but I think he might just be an aging samuraitchi. He looks old, not like he did, and he also looks inebriated. When I send him off to work, he seems to be late and is running through town. He gets to where he is supposed to work, but no one is there and no work to do. Has he been fired? Retired? He's 10 years old now.

4:48pm: Yay! With help from Val in the VPetsML group, I learned that Fred has become an "oldie", an Ojitchi! Well, now that's *that* mystery solved!

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Friday, July 31, 2015, 2:46pm: Today I tried installing the software that came with this set, which I bought years ago (I still have the original tree microphone and the CD-ROM):

but I think my version of Windows is too far ahead of it now. In fact, I'm in the process of downloading Windows 10 right now! Oh well, at least I'm enjoying having Fred in the (replacement version of the) egg that looks like a globe.

Nervous about my two Tam guys getting older. I don't know if they leave or die or what. Well, I guess we'll see when the time comes. I've been trying to pamper them and take the best care of them that I can.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015, 2:11am: I put in Henry's and Fred's stats earlier this evening (it's still Saturday to me). I keep worrying that I won't be up-to-date on their stats, and then they'll leave and the stats screen might lock up or something.

Odd observation: why does Henry take a shower with all his armour on??

Thank goodness we have a resident computer wizard! Cat'r fixed several things on my computer post-Windows 10 installation, including the weird FrontPage extension files (that I don't need and our hosting service doesn't use). FrontPage wasn't letting me save my files! And my computer was not letting me save to other folders either! Plus my computer couldn't find my (older) printer. :-/  Thank goodness for the Caterpillar!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015, 9:18pm: Henry and Fred got to watch the season finale of "Stitchers" tonight--what a cliffhanger!?!

My two Tama guys are getting older. But mostly they are healthy. This morning Henry was sick for some unknown reason, so I doctored him up and he's been okay since. His weight is really down, but that might be because we played a lot of games. I have been feeding him lots.

I'm stockpiling things I'll need for when I start up a Tamagotchi P's: pierces; a Palm Treo loaded with games and items, etc.; and more. I have a couple covers and straps on the way. But I don't want to start any other Tams while Henry and Fred are still here; and I don't want to hasten their departures.

Last night we went to Toys R Us. B. found a ton of Monster High stuff s/he didn't already have. I didn't find any Tamagotchi stuff, but did see some cute mice called  Little Live Pets. I didn't buy any while we were there; but after we got home, I got to thinking about them and B. ordered some for me online. I am getting four mice and a mouse-house thing and a "mouse trail" (looks like Hot-Wheels mice!). Cute!



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Saturday, August 8, 2015, 9:20pm: The boys are still with us. Well, older gentlemen now. Here is how Henry and Fred are doing.

Wow, we got a huge box a day or so ago! There was a sale on colouring books at Dover Publications online about a week ago, so B. and I got a bunch! So many pretty things to colour! It'll keep us busy for quite some time!

Yesterday I crocheted a cozy for Henry's egg. After some trial and error as to where to put the buttonhole for the charm strap and when to decrease, here is how it turned out:

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Monday, August 10, 2015, 1:52pm: I finally got a chance to unpack and set up the Little Live Pets mice, mouse house, and mouse trail! Here they are!


Soooo cute! It gets a bit frenetic having all four running at the same time! Mouse pile-up! So I thought I'd just show one, running around. He really likes the wheel!


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 9:07pm: Comet 67P is just about as close as it's going to get to the sun (perihelion)! And ESA_Rosetta and Philae are right there, along for the ride! I just got my plush Rosetta and Philae today! So cute!


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Friday, August 14, 2015, 4:19pm: I can't believe I started up another Tamagotchi! But this one came in the mail today, I wanted to see what it was like, and presto! another Tam. I had to search the Web to find some information on how to raise it--the instructions are in Japanese, and it's a little different from other Tams I've raised. Anyway, it's simpler than I thought; so here's hoping I get a cute character and s/he stays around for a while! I guess I'm calling him/her Lemondrop. Here s/he is:


Henry and Fred are still moving along as usual. They are 23 years old now! (I didn't update their pages yet--they are downstairs, so later). I wish the robber wouldn't show up at Fred's mailbox! But I'm glad I was able to buy steak for Henry today--his favourite food!


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