My Totems




These totems have come into my life, over time, to teach, guard, and guide.



Bear Bat
Introspection, healer, guardian Transition, rebirth; guide through darkness;
 mini-dragon, therefore also a guardian




Strength, Family, Loyalty,
Connection to Ancient Wisdom,
Remover of Obstacles and Barriers;
Associated with Lord Ganesha


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scrutiny, detail; attain big
things by working on little things


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Dragon Rat Snake
Wisdom, power,
inspiration, protection
Resourcefulness, ingenuity,
Transmutation, healing,



Otter Hummingbird
Woman medicine, sisterhood;
curiosity, playfulness
Swan Dove
Beauty, accepting change with grace;
seeing into the future
Feminine energy, peace, prophecy;
The Goddess



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17-year Periodical Cicada

Patience, dedication, family, rebirth; poetry


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  Cicada photograph copyright © 2004-2008 Joanna M. Phillips