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I began training with Yoda, my Star Wars GigaPet Virtual Friend, on Wednesday, July 14, 1999 at 2:35pm edt.  I was his apprentice, taking care of his needs and training in various ways of the Force. The instructions said that if I were able to keep my score above 95 points, Yoda would keep me beyond the initial 14-day training period. However, it seemed that as long as I kept my score anywhere above 70, he wouldn't kick me out. On Saturday, August 7, 1999, at 7:05am I checked the screen; and all it said was YOU WIN! Then I must've hit the wrong buttons, because instead of getting my score and title (it would've told me if I had earned a title of Jedi, Jedi Knight, or Jedi Master), it just started a new game. Oh well!


Yoda's living environment (case)


As of 6:58am edt, Saturday, August 7, 1999, Yoda's and my stats were (approximately):


Day 24
Hunger 20
Score 70


Golden marble line


CM's Diary Read more about how I fared in my training
with Yoda in CM's Diary of Virtual Pets,
from Wednesday, July 14, 1999 through
Saturday, August 7, 1999!


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