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Monday, August 4, 2003: Okay, here is the current line-up of what sections of my site are stops on which trains on  The Rail, one of the coolest non-ring rings on the Web. My front page/top page/index page is on The People Mover train; My Gel Pen Collection is now on The Hobby Train; my You know you're a rat lover when... page is on The Animal Car; The Mouse House Tamagotchi Page is on The Grand Central Train; The Mouse House Holiday Pages are on The Holiday Train; The Mouse House Snow Pictures pages are on The Sightseer Train; and CountryMouse's Fuzzy Friends is on The Kids Train. One of the cool things about The Rail is that each night everything is scrambled/redone, so that the stops next to yours, to the east and west of you on the line, are new and different each day! Go take a trip on any of these fine trains! Click on the left end of the track to go west; click on the right end of the track to go east; and click on the center to go to the junction!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003, 12:55am: Eek! Our cable modem is out! I feel so cut off from the world! When Cat'r tries to get through to Warner Cable, the telephone line is busy. He thinks the outage must be widespread.

On another note (no pun intended), I have gotten (re)interested in stationery (I've collected it for FOREVER), fountain pens, and sealing wax! When I was taking inventory of what fountain pens I had, I realized that almost all that I have are Sheaffer cartridge pens. I do have a Platignum calligraphy pen. It is a true fountain pen (dip, squeeze, fill); and it has seven interchangeable nibs. Then I remembered that I had one other fountain pen in my possession. It was my brother's, but I had never even thought of using it up 'til now. Here is a little page I did on it, for the sole purpose of helping others advise me about what to do with it, if it was still usable, how to clean, etc. It's Sonny's Parker 51 Pen.

Oooo, today I got a bottle of J. Herbin Perle Des Encres (black) ink (this is for my Platignum pen). The J. Herbin company, in France, has been in business, continuously, since 1670!! Their ink bottles are so nice, too: they are squarish and bottom-heavy, with a built-in pen rest! I can see at least one new bottle of interesting-coloured ink a month in my future. ::grin:: I also got two packets of G. Lalo correspondence cards with matching envelopes: one blue set and one a pale dusty rose colour.

A couple days ago I won an auction for a black glass elephant rocker blotter. I can't wait to see what *that* is like! I only paid, including shipping, $7.04 for it! It is probably from the 1930's. That same day Bunnicula got me a beautiful swirled aqua-and-white Venetian glass dip pen with matching pen rest! Lovely! But it will take some getting used to, to control the ink flow.

In a day or so I hope to order some other inks, a couple dip pens, and a bit more G. Lalo stationery from Pendemonium. A Very Cool Site!!!

Next month: sealing wax! I used to have quite a bit of that, but I have no idea what happened to it over the years. =8-O  The machines the Postal Service uses crack and crumble seals, so this will not be for ordinary correspondence. I will be using sealing wax for hand-delivered letters and perhaps other decorative purposes.

I should go to sleeeeeep. Tomorrow the cable modem will be working (I *hope*), then I can upload all this stuff. :-)

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Saturday, August 16, 2003: I just got an email from Moshi-Moshi Imports, Inc. They have moved and are now Same cute stuff, better layout! I am not affiliated with them, just a satisfied customer. :-)

On the off-chance that anyone from there might look here: where in the world did the Pentrace site go??? It was there after the blackout. In fact, there was even a topic on the message board about the blackout. Now I can't get there at all! Is there a backup site or other place where you-all hang out? Please let me know.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003:  Just added a new link on My Animal Crossing Diary top page. It goes to a new AC journal/diary. :-)

The Pentrace site is back, just fine. They were just moving to different servers.  And Toontown Central! is also *the* place to hang out when you are not actually *playing* Toontown!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003: Yay! It's autumn! My favourite time of year. :-)

We have a cute new picture up on our domain splash page! We all contributed to it: it is my rubber stamp; Bunnicula scanned it; and Cat'r cropped, sized, and uploaded it. :-)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003: I added a new diary link on the Animal Crossing top page. Check it out!

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Thursday, November 13, 2003:  Eek, so long, no update! I haven't played Animal Crossing for at least a month. I played it through an entire year, so I knew what was coming after passing the one-year mark.

I have been interested in fountain pens and inks lately! Ooo, my red Waterman Phileas (with the fine nib) arrived today! I filled it with Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown ink (with the enclosed converter). So pretty!! Writes really nice! It is a fancier, heavier version of the Waterman Kultur, which I got first (and still adore). I've been hanging out with a wonderful group of folks in the Pentrace community. If you are interested in fountain pens, that's the place to be!

I've also been playing Toontown a lot. I have four different toons I play on my own account on regular/open Toontown. They are: Little Comet Flippendorf (a maroon-coloured mousie), Poppy Flippendorf (a brown rabbit), Aunt Fireball Flippendorf (a red duck), and Prof. Rainbow Flippendorf (a multi-coloured mousie). Then I share a toon with Bunnicula on Test Toontown, a purple bunny called Princess Sally. And finally, a couple days ago, Cat'r let me start up a new little mousie on Test in *his* account. She is red and is called Chili Cheese Fries! Wheee!

As to why I posted tonight: Cat'r just informed me that Oolong's owner just got a new rabbit! As you might know, if you followed Oolong the Rabbit, Oolong passed on last January. Such a sweet rabbit. May he live forever in the memory and affection of all those he touched with his sweetness the world 'round! The new little rabbit is named Yuebing. Here is her homepage. Such a sweetie! Go see!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003: Here is an update on my current toons, on Disney's Toontown Online:

First, see the Flippendorf bio here. There's been a change in the lineup.

Aunt Fireball Flippendorf got restless and went back to the air shows. She used to be a wing-walker a long time ago; now she helps out where she can. She's just gotta be around airplanes! Prof. Rainbow Flippendorf (a tall scholarly multi-coloured mouse gal) got a call from the research group and went back out to the archeological dig.

We had a new relative join our forces though: Granny Bebop Flippendorf, a hefty red lady mouse. :-) She sure can do a mean jitterbug! And throw them pies!

I play:

Little Comet Flippendorf, a maroon mouse, 101 LP
Poppy Flippendorf, a refined tan rabbit, 92 LP (I think? She just finished a Laff Point task last night)
Granny Bebop Flippendorf, a wild and wacky red mouse, 16 LP

Also, on Test:

Chili Cheese Fries, another one of those rotund red lady mice we seem to have in our family, 23 (??) LP. She lives on Oatmeal O'Malley's estate, being a distant cousin or somesuch.

I sometimes play Princess Sally, a purple rabbit, 41 LP. If it's not me that's running Princess Sally, it's likely it's Lady Marigold, since this was her toon first, but she sometimes lets me help out.


Oatmeal O'Malley=one of Cat'r's toons on Test; he is Skinny Bagelzapper on regular (open) Toontown.

 And in case I don't get around to it tomorrow, here is a wish for all you U.S.A. folks both home and abroad:





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