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Part 36

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Saturday, January 10, 2004: A belated Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had wonderful winter holidays, whatever holidays you celebrate (or not celebrate)! We had a nice quiet little Solstice/Christmastime. Da mouse got TONS of stationery this year! The better to write with all her PENS! ::evil cackle::

Speaking of pens, I bought, with some of my Christmas money, an amber translucent Pelikan M200 pen with a fine nib. It's filled with an ink mix (Ancient Amber Ink) concocted by one who passed very suddenly and unexpectedly on December 26, 2003. G. Ian Socas, beloved by all on Pentrace and so many other places, will be sorely missed. Miss you, Ian, and miss the antics of the Mariachi Crickets (TM) too!

Pentrace, BTW, was down last night and is still down this morning. :-(

I still have not been playing with virtual pets for quite some time; but I *am* still playing Disney's Toontown Online regularly. Sellbot Cog Headquarters opened in December. Possibly it was released into production too soon--it's full of bugs! The last time I went with a party of seven other toons to fight the VP, my computer froze up (again!) during the last battle (against the VP himself, after the first wave of Cogs and the second wave of Skeleton Cogs). The only way out was to totally turn off my computer. At least the others I was with did win and got their "promotions". :-) I am still a Level 3 Cold Caller (my Cog suit disguise). Ooo, I got my hardwood fishing rod yesterday! I am one new species of fish away from getting another Laff Point increase!

Just remember, if you are playing Toontown, ya GOTTA go check out the fabulous fan site, Toontown Central! Talk to other toons, learn tips and tricks, find out the latest!

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Monday, January 12, 2004: Pentrace is back.   Actually it was back up slightly after noon yesterday. Their hosting was doing server upgrades.

In Toontown I *did* catch enough different species of fish that I got another Laff Point increase. Little Comet Flippendorf is now at 102 LP!

Ooo, I will have a nice big order of fountain pen ink arriving later this week from the Ink Palette (wonderful place to get inks--AnnMarie knows EVERYthing about ink colours and properties and all!); and my Pendemonium sale goodies will be coming this week too!

Later: I just added a new/old page: CyberPets, Friends, and Buddies! I used to have this page up a long long time ago. I just adopted a new pet today. He's down by the bottom of the page, near the ICE CREAM CONES! (I wonder WHY?!? hehehehe)

11:53 am: Well, it's a good thing I have this diary! LiveJournal (oh, oops, I never did tell you-all I have a LiveJournal [EDIT: now I have CountryMouse's Refuge and all my LiveJournal archives are there too]! Um, well, I do!) is acting flaky. It's not updating. Well, I can see my posts on my Friends' Friends pages, but not in my own LJ. Grrrrr.

::thinking:: Should I change all my diary pages here to be on double- or triple-bordered backgrounds? Heh, probably before *that*, I should work on my Coolpix section and get newer photos in there!

3:07 pm: I played Animal Crossing this afternoon and posted about it in My Animal Crossing Diary. Good times, old friends.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004: Woo! I started a massive beautification program for CM's Diary! Of course, I intend to spring it on the Web all at once, so this that I'm typing won't be seen for a couple or three days or so. I just got tired of my text going to the edge of the page, plus it looks so ... plain. A little something to spice things up never hurt. :-)

I am going to be looking at the rest of my site too, to see what else needs help (don't tell me, a LOT!). I know, I know, update the Coolpix section. Later. :-D

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004: Plus I am finally, after all this time, making links to both *my* LiveJournal and to the LiveJournal homepage on my Diary Index page. [EDIT Jan. 14, 2008: I moved everything to CountryMouse's Refuge in January 2008 because of censorship policies and Big Brother tactics at the now-Russian-owned LiveJournal. InsaneJournal rocks! Join us!]

12:32 pm: W00t! Okay, I have all the CM's Diary pages done! Time to upload!

7:36 pm:  Why did I start a LiveJournal lo, these many years ago, when I had a perfectly serviceable diary here, you ask? Because a friend had one, and I wanted to be able to comment on her posts. So I signed up. And of course, then I needed to *say* something in the newly-created journal. And it just went from there. :-)  So now you know, if I don't post here frequently enough, where to come looking. :-D  [EDIT: Yes! Come to CountryMouse's Refuge! All my LiveJournal archives are there too!]

In the midst of my grand plan for redoing large sections of my website, I have promised Cat'r that I would not "modernize"/update/"fix up" my RakuRaku Dinokun pages. He wants them left as-is, to remind him of simpler times. :-)

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Thursday, January 15, 2004:  More woo! The front page now looks...well, different! :-P Much much more to be done EVERYwhere!

3:39pm: The Animal Crossing section is all finished now. :-) Well, finished fixing-upping, not updated. I *still* have notes from the game that I didn't type in! ::pant pant:: Okay, off to get a very late lunch. ::grin::

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Friday, January 16, 2004: You're probably going to get tired of my chronicling every last little change I make...buuuut, I did finish fixing up the Gel Pen Collection section now. ::beam::

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Sunday, January 18, 2004: More fiddling with pages: CountryMouse's Picture Album, the cute ratties page, and my links page!

Woo! We're all caught up on watching the episodes of "Joan of Arcadia" I had been taping all along. Such a good program! Now we have to get caught up on "Tru Calling"... ooo and "Smallville" too!

9:50pm: Well, I finally decided to put my CountryMouse's Kitchen pages back up! I changed the name, though, because really it's about the entire household. So it's now called CountryMouse's Magickal Household.  

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Monday, January 19, 2004: Teddy's section is now a little nicer.

9:49am: Do you like snow? I mean a LOT of snow?!? And have you checked Yuebing's page (successor to Oolong) lately? Go see! Wow!

12:48am (Tues.): Still Monday to *me*. :-)  I put another page back up, greatly revised and enhanced, that I used to have here: a memorial page to Princess Diana. I still have the same photo I used on my plain little page that I put up that morning when we learned of her death. This present page was the most difficult page to do yet, tables nested within tables! I'm not sure I'm going to be doing *that* very often! :-P [EDIT Sept. 27, 2007: My Princess Di memorial has since been didn't have very much content, and I felt it didn't really add much to the other, bigger, more meaningful sites out on the Web]

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004: Ooo, I just made a new page, but I can't tell you about it yet--it's a surprise! ::happy grin:: You'll find out soon enough! [EDIT: Jan. 22d: It's The Fairy Castle!]

5:38pm: I just posted about this in my LiveJournal, but I am just so blown away by this gorgeous new (to me) CD, "State of Grace II: Turning To Peace" (Click on the pic at right to see the cover larger). I loved the first State of Grace album, so I bought this one knowing I would like it. It's beyond "liking"! It's a giving-chills, bringing-tears-of-joy experience. WOW!

8:43pm: Going back through some of my much older LiveJournal entries, I found this link: Hammy Hamster's Home Page! Very cute! I put this on my links page also, so I and anyone else can find it easily. :-P

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004: Yes, it's really me; and yes, I was there at the therapy center yesterday, doing my back exercises after slacking off for two weeks. :-P  I have another appointment in two weeks' time and hope to make a better showing *then* than I did this time.    I have been coming there since the beginning of December, when I had appointments twice a week for...five weeks, I guess it was? Anyway, yesterday I showed you my page I had made for Princess Diana, which is a lot more tedious to make than it looks--tables within tables within tables! Thank *goodness* for FrontPage as my HTML editor, though! On the whole I love working on my web pages. As you can see by the copyright dates, I've been doing this since 1997. :-) 

Owowowow, sore muscles today! But siempre adelante!

Cat'r is listening to some of the new Columbia House CDs before I get to them. He said that Tori Amos' "Scarlet's Walk" (click on the pic at left to see it larger)  is really really REALLY good!!

12:04pm:  The Mouse House Tamagotchi Page has gotten a facelift!

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Thursday, January 22, 2004: Time to unveil The Fairy Castle! Yay! Also updated: My Tamagotchi page (well, I'm not running a new vpet, but the page looks a little spiffier).

10:03pm: Sleepy. Too tired to repeat what I said in my LiveJournal. Here it is. (hope this works!)

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Friday, January 23, 2004:  I redid things somewhat on the front page. And I moved a page over here to The Mouse House. I had it up on GeoCities, but decided to bring it home where it belongs. It is a small page about my brother, Kent Moomaw. He was fairly widely-known in SF fandom by the time of his sudden death in 1958.

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Saturday, January 24, 2004, 2:55am: I adopted one new cyberpet, and several other cyber creatures are "just visiting". :-) Go see!

7:45pm:  Workin' workin' workin', see that mousie workin'! Okay the entire Tamagotchi section is all prettified! Remember, though, that the RakuRaku Dinokun pages are staying exactly as they were when they were first made, as a promise to the Caterpillar. The Holiday Pages are all ready too (although I still have to work on the Snow Pictures, which is technically a separate section)! Woohoo!

Speaking of snow, we are under a Winter Storm Warning from 7am tomorrow morning through 7am Monday morning. We are supposed to get ice, sleet, rain, and snow. :-(  I LOVE snow, but not the other stuff. :-( 

8:07pm:  Looking everything over, I still have/"only" have the Fuzzy Friends and the three photography sections left to do. THEN I have some new pages I want to create! Woohoo! :-P

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Sunday, January 25, 2004, 1:56pm: It's snowing! Yay! Also, I now have the entire Fuzzy Friends section completed in "finishing touches".  Go and see! (I am amazed! But you see, Teddy helped, so that made all the difference!). Oh yes, the St. Pat Page needed a little tune-up also, so that looks better. All that is left to do, in renovations, are the photography sections: the Snow Pictures, Mouse with PalmPix! and Mouse with Coolpix!

9:23pm:  A quick thought on how I view my photography: this isn't so much about my pictures. The pictures are already out there, in the world, given to us. I am just showing them to people.

9:58pm: I've changed the look of the Mouse with PalmPix! section. I hope you like it.

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Monday, January 26, 2004: We got 5.8 inches of snow! With a nice crust of ice (eep!) on top! Bunnicula said it *looked* really lovely, though, early in the morning as he was walking to work!

Okay, everything is as updated/beautified as it's going to get! I finished the Mouse with Coolpix! section! Now I'm going to go have a little lie-down. ::grin:: Seriously, though, I have plans for more/new pages! But not for a couple hours. :-P

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004: CountryMouse's Bakery is open for business! You will find a mix of serious whole wheat bread and fluffy doughnuts! Don't forget to just point at what you want in the case! A larger selection of goodies is due in soon!

I wonder: should I put a separate link on my top page to my adoptions? They are on my Cyberpets, Friends, and Buddies! page, which is off the large menu on the Mouse House Tamagotchi Page. Seemed like the right place to put virtual pets, at the time...

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Thursday, January 29, 2004:  As I thought about in the above entry, so I did. You can reach My Treasures (which is my adoptions page) from the top page now, by clicking on the treasure chest. The Mouse House Awards are now part of CountryMouse's Bakery. Oh, more to come in My Treasures! Globes and teardrops and plaques and, yes, I've gotten addicted to blinkies! I have no idea in the world how to make them, but I do like collecting them!

It's gonna get sooooo cold! It was around 14oF. yesterday morning when I went out; but tomorrow night it's supposed to get down to -1oF. !! Eek!

Pens pens...should I spend money all in one place, for the lovely enticing Pelikan Honey? (click to see its beauty in larger proportions!) Or should I buy a couple less-expensive pens? Decisions decisions...

8:44am: Eek, can't upload/publish my new pages! I also can't get to our server via FileZilla either, so I will have to ask Cat'r after a while about this. He's the one that maintains all the intricate stuff that I do not understand.

4:05pm: I am listening to Michael Martin Murphey's album "Cowboy Songs". I am not a die-hard country-western fan; but given my "old folkie" background, I find this a very satisfying listen. By turns wistful and playful, these are songs that tug at your heartstrings and bring on that mostly-sweet feeling of pleasant nostalgia. The reason I ordered this album is that I wanted an authentic version of "Goodbye Old Paint", which one of our Pentracers had quoted as a farewell to Ian...I'm finding myself singing along with a LOT of these songs! Now I should get out my Connie Dover CDs!

9:31pm: Well, the worst of the problem, beyond not being able to upload my pages, is that everything I have done on my site and everything I posted here after Monday the 26th is GONE. My entire Bakery (miscellany) section, which includes Webrings (there is thankfully only one so far), Causes, Gifts, and Quizzes, is gone. My Treasures section is totally gone. This is not good. And I am talking to myself here, since I can't upload this. I guess I could cross-post to my LiveJournal...

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Friday, January 30, 2004: More snow and cold this morning! It's 9oF.!! I have no idea what the wind chill is, but I'm sure it's something below zero!

Our web hosting is migrating everything over to bigger, better server(s), so things are still not working yet. I *could* upload with FileZilla, but then FrontPage would get confused later on down the line as to what is and is not up on the Web. So I'll wait.

I am soooo tempted to put blinkies on pages all around the entire Mouse House! They are sooo cute! hehehehehehe!  ::countrymouse laughs maniacally!::  

I want to make a newer, prettier Mother's Day page. And I also have an idea for a Beary media recommendation list!

1:40pm: Working on a rudimentary guestbook (made with FrontPage). When I figure out what I am doing and get it up and running, I'll let you know. ::grin::

7:53pm: I finally broke down and uploaded everything with the FTP client FileZilla. I had many many timeouts and several things that seemed to upload properly but I don't think did. So there still may be a few broken things. But at least almost everything is here now that should be. I still can't upload through FrontPage. Cat'r says I am trying to work with it while it's "still half-broken".

8:23pm: I am a total weather nut. I like to just watch The Weather Channel. :-P  So guess what I now have?!?  I have my very own Weather Pixie on my front page! You *must* go see! Click on her to get to the Weather Pixie site so you can get one too! [EDIT Feb. 9, 2004: removed link and the Weather Pixie because they are no longer working. I now have a Weather Sticker from Weather Underground]


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