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The Annette Funicello story
Annette Funicello on Hulabaloo
Annette Funicello on Hollywood Palace
Annette Serial main page
Babes in Toyland
Back to the Beach
Back to the Beach Press Kit
Beach Blanket Bingo
Beach Party
Bikini Beach
Escapade in Florence
Fireball 500
The Horsemasters
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
Lots of Luck
Merlin Jones
Muscle Beach Party
Pajama Party
Shaggy Dog
Ski Party
Thunder Alley


Frankie Laine Sings for Gina (Make Room for Daddy)
Gina for President (Make Room for Daddy)
Gina's First Date (Make Room for Daddy)
Gina From Italy (Make Room for Daddy)
Latin Lover (Make Room for Daddy)
Mickey Mouse Club, episode 1
Mickey Mouse Club, episode 2
Mickey Mouse Club, episode 3
Mickey Mouse Club, episode 4
Mickey Mouse Club, episode 5
Mickey Mouse Club February 11, 1958
Mickey Mouse Club March 7, 1958
New Adventures of Spin and Marty
Further Adventures of Spin and Marty
Zorro and the Mystery of Don Cabrillo

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