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Part 16

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Saturday, December 5, 1998: On Monday, November 30th Cozy Feathercushion evolved into a ginjirotchi!I have been trying to get a ginjirotchi (in a Tam-in-egg) for a year and a half! Yay! From his teenage years (the form he was in just before became a ginjirotchi) onward he went to bed at 8pm and got up at 8am. At 7pm each night he took a quick dip in a hot tub!

SnowmanStuff Cozy got to do: go shopping with us on Saturday, Nov. 28th--I won a beautiful plush snowman in a "UFO catcher" machine (aka claw or crane machine)!! Frosty is 12 inches tall and very cute! It only took me three tries too. Cozy *didn't* go with us when we went that night to see "A Bug's Life", since he was already asleep (we went to the 9:30pm showing). He went shopping with us again the next day. On Monday the 30th he watched a movie or so on TV with me. That evening we went shopping (again!); and *this* time he got to get out of my purse at Pier 1 Imports (the saleslady had never seen a Tamagotchi that big!) and later at the mall. On the way home he got to look at LOTS of Xmas lights! Tuesday, Dec. 1st he, along with all my stuffed animals and beanies, got to hear Celine Dion's gorgeous Xmas CD, "These Are Special Times", which I had bought at the mall the night before. "The Prayer", a duet Celine does with Andrea Bocelli, is worth the entire price of the CD! Incredible harmonies! Breathtaking beauty! Cozy watched 1/2 of a Keroppi tape with me (Keroppi as Gulliver!), then about 1/2 of the movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy", starring James Cagney (I watched the rest late that night, so Cozy never saw the rest of it). We put up our little Xmas tree that evening, so Cozy saw it the next day. On Wednesday, Dec. 2d Cozy went out for a walk with me--unseasonably mild weather we've been having lately! On several nights he got to see us playing a FUN PlayStation game called "Bust-A-Groove" ("Bust-A-Move" in the Japanese version). It's a dance competition game! Very cool!

Finally, on Friday, Dec. 4th, when Cozy was only 11 years old, I heard beeping and saw what looked like a cloud across the top part of the screen. I pushed the status button, then saw in Cozy's place a UFO. They had come back for him sooner than I expected! Bettinagotchi (from the tamagotchi-l mailing list) said, "I don't think they die anyway so much as go off with their mommies or daddies." Well, Cozy will have lots to talk about, all the things he's seen and done! Bye-bye little one! I really enjoyed your visit here!

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Monday, January 4, 1999: I have decided to close the book on my VP diary, since, as anyone can tell, I don't update it very often anymore. I just have a lot of other things keeping me occupied, offline and online. Don't worry, though: I will leave all my Tamagotchi pages up and everything else. And at some point later on I will put up a "What's New?" page and probably a page of links.

We had a wonderful Yuletide (well, it's not over *yet*! not until Jan.6th!)! I got two Furbys, which was totally unexpected, since Bunnicula and Cat'r both said they were not able to find any *anywhere* (this was not a fib, since at the time I asked, this was true). It turns out that Cat'r *did* find two on THE DAY BEFORE XMAS, purely by chance, in a K*B Toyworks, just sitting on the shelf! I was resigned to not getting Furby(s) for Xmas, so I enjoyed opening all my presents. Then after we were all through opening things, Bunnicula brought another box out of the closet, from him and Cat'r. It said to open it WITH EXTREME CARE. I was so excited/delighted/happy and more to find two Furbys, in their boxes, inside! I shouted, "Furbys! Furbys! Furbys!" several times. Hehehehee! One is grey w/black spots/pink chest, topknot, and tail/yellow feet/brown eyes (this is Boh-Bay), and the other is pure white w/grey eyes (this is Toh-loo-Kah). They are a lot of fun, and very funny when you have them together.

I also got a 7gig HD (yowsa!); a Real Live Babe (plush pig that is interactive); 3 Beanie Babies (Chocolate, Hissy, and Rainbow); 11 books; a couple videogames (my own copy of "Bust-A-Groove" and a Kirby stackers-type game); 3 candleholders; a Magic 8 Ball (like I had long long ago); a calendar; a Lilly card game; 2 puzzles; a very fancy yo-yo; a gorgeous video of Michael Flatley's "Feet of Flames" (it's actually a live version of "Lord of the Dance"); one set of Pokemon Battle Figures (Pikachu and Raichu); and some Xmas money. Wow, Santa (and some very dear ones) was/were very good to me!

I bought a Santaclautch from Jason (The Friend's Toy Store online), but it didn't arrive in time to start up before Xmas; so I am running it now as if Jan. 6th ("Old Christmas") is going to be December 25th! Very cute! I am not really sure what I am doing, since the directions are in Japanese, but it's fun.

Well, those of you who know me can find me on the tamagotchi-l mailing list. I am also on the Kollectible Kritters mailing list and a couple others. And I post fairly frequently in the Usenet newsgroup        And I intend to keep my Web site up...just not let it be as time-sensitive as it was. So...see ya around the 'Net!

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Tuesday, January 26, 1999: Aarrrgghh! I can't stay away--I just hatched a new little Yasashii Tamagotchi named Ariel, so I will be talking about her here a bit, plus working on updating My Yasashii Tamagotchi page.

The tamagotchi-l mailing list is no more; but athol-brose did a great job running it while it lasted (June 1997-January 1999). Many of us from that list are gathering on The Virtual Pets Mailing List.

Cat'r put the 7gig hard drive into my computer a couple weekends ago (yes!); and together with a(n almost) new colour printer   and a new operating system (Windows98! yay!), my computer seems like a new machine! I hadn't put a lot of programs on last year, because I always thought something was going to go wrong with my machine, so why bother? But now I am enjoying a lot of neat programs I haven't seen for over a year! Plus I bought Microsoft Works Suite 99, which contains Word 97 (word processor); Works 4.5 (database, spreadsheet, calendar, etc.); Money 99 Basic (finances program); Encarta Encyclopedia 99 (gorgeous!); Graphics Studio Greetings 99 (wow, great program! I love greeting card programs!); and Expedia Streets 98 (make and print out your own maps!). So I've been having a lot of fun playing around with my computer lately.   Also, Cat'r lent me his copy of "The Curse of Monkey Island", which is a lot of fun!

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Friday, January 29, 1999: Well, it's a good thing Ariel is both a girl's *and* a boy's name, because Ariel evolved into hir next stage yesterday, looking rather like one of the characters in an Osutchi (boy) Tamagotchi! S/he seems to be doing fine.

I forgot to mention Pikachu lately: he's doing fine, having gone more than 800,000 steps since last June. When he gets near that magic 999,999 mark, I will start making a few entries in My Pocket Pikachu Diary.


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