Some of the plays in which Maude Adams appeared

It has been very difficult doing this section. I like to deal with facts and have them correct when I place them on a web page; with this matter that is probably an impossibility. I have found so many omissions and disagreements in the different sources that I have consulted that I wonder if I will ever find out the actual facts about the plays she was in and when she was in them.

Problem 1: No one source seems to list all the plays. Sometimes names of plays are given but no dates.

Problem 2: Sources disagree as to the dates of plays. Different dates would be given for exactly the same play. In some instances it could mean that the play ran two consecutive years; in other instances, though, I found wildly varying dates for the performance of the play(s) which means either one date or the other was wrong, or she did play the same part in the same play but at widely divergent times in her career.

As noted below, some plays I was unable to find any information other than the name of the play.

I will have a separate page for each play that I am able to find additional information on along the lines of pictures or some kinds of written materials.

Thus, be warned. The list below is the best I can do considering these problems. The years the plays were actually done may be off by a couple of years either way from the date I have down. If anyone has any more specific and ACCURATE information, please send it to me so I can modify this page! Also, some plays were done orignally and then revived later. In those cases I will write "Revival:" first, noting that the play is a revival of the original.

1. The Lost Child (1873)

2. Wandering Boys (1877)

3. Fritz in Ireland (also called Fritz, Our German Cousin) (1877)

4. La Belle Russe (1877)

5. A Bunch of Keys (1877)

6. Across the Continent (1877)

7. Barney's Courtship (1878)

8. Kit, the Arkansas Traveler (1878)

9 Saratoga (1878)

10. After Dark (1878)

11. Ten Nights in a Bar-room(1878)

12. The Romance of a Poor Young Man (1878)

13. Uncle Tom's Cabin as Little Eva. (1887)

14. A Celebrated Case (1879)

15. Out to Nurse (1879)

16. Seven Sisters (1879)

17. A Woman of the People(1879)

18.The Octoroon. (1879)

19. Chums (1879)

20. Pinafore (1880)

21. The Sea of Ice (1880)

22. Ninon (1880)

23. The Planter's Wife (1880)

24. The Streets of New York.(1880?)

25. Little Jack Shepherd.(1880?)

26. Queen's Evidence (1881)

27. Michael Strogoff (1881?)

28. Jane Eyre (1881)

29. Caught in a Corner (1887)

30. The Highest Bidder (1888)

31. The Paymaster (1888)

32. Lord Chumley (1889)

33. A Midnight Bell (1889)

34. All The Comforts of Home (1890)

35. Men and Women (1890)

36. The Lost Paradise (1891)

37. My Geraldine (1891)

38. Diplomacy (1891)

39. The Masked Ball (1892)

40. The Butterflies (1893)

41. The Bauble Shop (1894)

42. The Imprudent Young Couple (1895)

43. Christopher, Jr (1894)

44.The Squire of Dames(1896)

45. Rosemary (1896)

46. The Little Minister (1897)

47. Romeo and Juliet (1899)

48. Revival: The Little Minister, January to May.(1900)

49. L'Aiglon (1900)

50. Quality Street (1901)

51. The Pretty Sister of Jose (1903)

52. Revival:The Little Minister. Opened Dec. 26, 1904 at the Empire Theater, running for 73 performances.

53.Op o' Me Thumb (1905)

54.Peter Pan (1905)

55. Revival: Quality Street, opening Jan. 6, 1906 at the Empire Theater, running for 7 performances.

56. Revival: Peter Pan, opening Dec. 24, 1906 at the Empire Theater for 40 performances.

57. The Jesters (1908)

58. Twelfth Night (1908)

59. What Every Woman Knows (1908)

60. Joan of Arc(1909)

61. Revival: What Every Woman Knows. (1910)

62. As You Like It (1910)

63. Chantecler (1911-1912)

64. Revival: Peter Pan. (1912-1913). The play opened Dec. 23, 1912 at the Empire Theater and ran for 24 performances.

65. The Legend of Leonora (1914)

66. The Ladie's Shakespeare (1914)

67. Rosalind (1914)

68. Revival: The Little Minister (Autumn, 1915)

69. Revival: Quality Street (1915-1916)

70. Revival: Peter Pan (1915). The play opened Dec. 21, 1915 at the Empire Theater and ran for 23 performances.

71. Revival: The Little Minister, 1916. The play opened Jan. 11, 1916 at the Empire Theater and ran for 79 performances.

72. A Kiss for Cinderella (1916-1918)

73. (There was a special one-time performance for the French Commission with her playing Joan of Arc in 1917).

74. Revival: Peter Pan (1918)

75. The Merchant of Venice (1931)

76. Revival: Twelfth Night (1934)

Undated and/or questionable plays

One of the main problems in researching the plays that Maude Adams was in has turned out to be finding much of any information at all on some of them, including not finding anything that lists the year the play was performed. I've also found some cases where various sources disagreed on the date a particular play was given and there's even confusion in at least one case about the name of the character she played. Although I understand that the time period we're covering here is at least seventy years ago, it's still somewhat surprising to me that I've had such a hard time finding information from the earlier part of her life.

Below are some plays that I have found reference to, but without any dates. I will include what information I have on them, but that is going to be quite limited. In addition, some of the plays I've only found one single reference to so I cannot be absolutely positive she was actually ever in that particular play.

Esmeralda (1882?)

Charades (date???)

Harbour Lights.(ca 1885?)

Hearts of Oak (date???)

Little Susie 1879 (no other information)

Monte Cristo (date???)

Oliver Twist (date???)

She (date???)

Too Happy by Half (date???)

The Wages of Sin (date???)

Things she almost did but didn't end up doing

I found some things that she was almost in, or almost did, but didn't actually end up doing. That material is here