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Part 22

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Tuesday, December 19, 2000: Hello again.   Peachy Keen is still with me, but hasWhite Santaclautch been in stasis since late May. I just don't have the heart to start him up and let him go through the final leave-taking process. Maybe after Christmas...Today, however, I *did* start up my Santaclautch no Tamagotchi (at 7:38am). I hope he keeps on schedule. Last year he went on his delivery run at a very early date!

PP2 GSI got a Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS in about...October? I forget when they came out. Anyway, I have been taking care of him, but not always very well. I did get up to the level of "Friends" with him, but then forgot to wear him for days and days on end. We fell back to "Playmates", then he finally decided I was a "Meanie"! Eeeeep! It took a lot of work to get his trust back! We are still only at the "Playmates" level, since I haven't been going out very much.

Last Christmas I got a couple of very cute bears for presents. In January I bought a coupleMollyberry, Berryjane, Berryann more outfits for them, then didn't think any more about them for months. Last summer I got reinterested in them and started building my collection of Briarberry bears and friends and clothes and furniture and accessories and SO on! They are intensely *cute* and cuddly, easy to dress, fun to pose and play with, and just all-around adorable.   On Christmas Eve I plan on letting Sarahberry, Pennyberry (my first two bears), and Merryberry (that's Mollyberry, Berryjane, and Berryann in the picture at right) have a slumber party (I have one canopy bed and two fold-out beds for them), but only if they get to bed early enough so that Santa will be sure to come. I'll have to be sure they understand about the no-peeking rule!

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Sunday, December 24, 2000: ::mouse bounces up and down with excitement!:: It's almost Christmas Day! You can track Santa's progress at the Annual NORAD Tracks Santa Claus Website! Also, another great site is It's not too late to have a lot of fun there!

I wonder if I started up my Santaclautch too late? He's gotten his hat, his outfit, and his sleigh; but he hasn't gotten a reindeer (pochitchi with antlers) yet.  Will he be able to make his trip tonight? Eep!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2000: Hola! I hope everyone (that celebrates it) had a wonderful Christmas! My Santaclautch was able to make his Christmas Eve run after all! He must've found a Rent-A-Reindeer place at the last minute.   In fact, he didn't get an egg with antlers until today! But all seemed to go well Christmas Eve, so no problems. :-)

The Briarberry girls had a nice slumber party. And although they were very excited, they were able to get to sleep early enough so that Santa had no worries about little bears peeking.

Vermont Teddy BearsDa mouse got some really nice presents yesterday! The two biggest and best were: 1) the boxed set of the very cool anime series "serial experiments lain" (on DVD) in a limited-edition lain lunchbox, with a BOA music CD enclosed (this group did the opening music for "lain"); and 2) a REALLY CUTE/HANDSOME Vermont Teddy Bear!!! My Christopher looks like the bear on the left, except Chris was wearing little WORK BOOTS instead of "Bearkenstocks" and not wearing shades. He came ::ahem:: bearing chocolate and (bear-size) red velvet roses for me. He's 15 inches tall, and soooo soft and cuddly! Also, I got a LOT of Hello Kitty things: notepads, stickers, a Hello Kitty musical jewelry box, a plush Hello Kitty (dressed as a wizard, all in purple), stationery, a light-up pen, etc. I got a Furby electronic game, a DVD of nature music and scenery, a Beanie Baby Zodiac RAT (ty-dye purple and very pretty!), a tiny Stuart Little plush, some bead bracelets, and some gift certificates. Some presents didn't make it in time, so I have more to look forward to! I'm glad there are *twelve* days of Christmas!

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Friday, January 19, 2001: What a way to start the new year/new century/new millennium: I had a cold for the first part of January. :-/  But things are better now (*knock on wood!*).

My Santaclautch is still going--I don't feel Christmas has to be totally over with until February 2d.   On Friday, December 29th, at 7:06pm, I heard loud beeping coming from my Santaclautch. I immediately checked and found my Santaclautch in his sleigh, silhouetted against the night sky (as on Christmas Eve). I pressed the S icon (SuperBird?--the one who drags him back when there is beeping and Santa goes missing), and the melody for "Joy To The World" played while an overjoyed mametchi received a big ribbon-bedecked package. This scene ended after a minute. Then it was back to Santa moving across the screen (normal, everyday walking/sledding around).

My Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS is still running, but I don't do a very good job of giving him enough steps and watts. He thinks I'm a "Meanie" again ::sigh:: I think I really like the original Japanese Pocket Pikachu better. I found the slot machine game in the PP1 easier, for some reason, than the high-low card game in PP2 GS.

Yesterday I got a Pocket Hello Kitty! It's from Nintendo, and its shape is the same as the Japanese PocketPocket Hello Kitty Pikachu. The instructions are in Japanese; but it's fairly easy to figure out, if you've already played with a PP1. Also, information that Val Murphy posted to the VPetsML on eGroups [NOTE: this group is now on Yahoo! groups] was very helpful.   Apparently there is no game in order to boost amounts of ...well, it's not watts. I think it's coins or credits, so that Hello Kitty can go walking in a park. It says it's 25K toll for each walk (each 1000 steps you take equals 25K). In the park, Hello Kitty can find items or meet new friends and play with them. What would be the gift icon on a Pocket Pikachu is a chest of drawers icon, where items Hello Kitty finds in the park (in treasure chests) go into different drawers. Then, when you wish to give Hello Kitty a gift, you just choose one of the items from a drawer and give it to her. Different gifts do different things. One even helped her make a new friend. I think the object of *this* pedometer/virtual pet is not so much reaching a certain level of friendship with Hello Kitty as it is helping Hello Kitty make as many friends as possible (pictures and bios of whom go into a little Friends Note[book]--pushing the Select button brings up the Friends Note[book]). After all, Hello Kitty always says, "You can never have too many friends."   I have a feeling I won't have to worry about Hello Kitty's mood as I do with Pikachu. It's not in her nature to be temperamental. ::grin::

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Saturday, January 20, 2001: I don't think Hello Kitty ever sleeps! And I think she's like a little guardian angel...well, a cheerleader, anyway! One of the items I found turned her into a cheerleader, and that's what she does when you walk--she cheers you on! :-)  But about not sleeping: she did have a bathtime last night, with her being in a bubblebath. But when I checked later, she was back in her cheerleader outfit. When I checked after midnight (yes, I was up that late...again), she slowly sailed across the screen on a broom, in a cute little witchy outfit. The caption underneath was Witch Time. Then she returned to her cheerleader persona. I guess she was trying to tell me I should be in *bed* at that hour! LOL!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2001: Whoa! I haven't had my resolution set at 640 X 480 in a long time--BIG FONT! Well, I always had done my pages so that *anyone* could look at them without too much scrolling back and forth. But for some time now I have been using 800 X 600 resolution for my own daily use online. But anyway.

I still have my Pocket Hello Kitty going: I also found (see entry above, about Witch Time) that from about 3am-approximately 6am, if you check in on her, she slowly sails across the screen as an *angel*, with the caption Angel Time. She is still very easy to care for, not at all demanding or petulant if I can't give her steps for days on end or anything.

I sent my Santaclautch no Tamagotchi back home (put the tab in) on Wednesday, January 31st, the same day I finally took down the Christmas decorations. ::grin:: S/he was 143 years old and weighed 163 grams.

I finally gave up on my Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS. I had passed beyond the pale of being just a "Meanie". Pikachu actually went into a pokeball, and the caption said, "Strangers". ::sigh:: I even restarted/started a new game; but it wasn't long before I was on the awful "Meanie" level again. I just couldn't give him enough steps and watts to make him happy. I am not really an active enough person. So I sent him back to Professor Oak (put the tab in) on Tuesday, February 20th.

I still haven't haven't made a final decision about Peachy Keen. I tried having him going for an entire day, last year. But I am too conscientious to let him beep and not immediately take care of his needs (which happened about every 20 minutes or less). I don't think I can go through more of that right now, just to get to see his little grave and ghostie (he's a Japanese Tam--I won't see an angel or spaceship); so he's back in stasis (on pause). At some point I will send him back home (put the tab back in).

So the status of virtual pets for me at present is: Pocket Hello Kitty running; Peachy Keen (Japanese Tam 1) in stasis/on pause. I wonder if I should start up a Wave UFO?.......

Had *another* cold, for the first part of February; then conjunctivitis ("pink eye")--apparently it's very easy to get this at the tail-end of a cold, although I have never had this before in my life. Highly contagious, the doctor's office stressed *repeatedly*, so I was washing my hands endlessly and taking all kinds of other precautions so that no one else got it.

SpikeGood things that have been going on, though: watching movies ("The Messenger" (Milla Jovovich), "Dangerous Liaisons" (Glenn Close and John Malkovich), "Fractured Follies" (Chow Yun-Fat in a quite different and nerdy role), "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh--wonderful movie!!!)); watching lots of anime ("Black Heaven", "Trigun", "Card Captor Sakura", etc.); watching lots of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (and swooning over Spike--click on the pic to see him closer up!) and "Angel"; listening to lots of new and old music (getting reacquainted with my CDKogepan collection!); going on a bidding jag and getting all kinds of cute things from eBay and Yahoo! auctions (Nemukko Nyago, Kogepan (Willow and Tara had a Kogepan plush in their dorm room on "Buffy" last night! Click on the pic at right to see it bigger), Tare Panda, etc. goodies); going out on a snowy day and seeing the perfectly-formed little ice crystals on my coat sleeve and marvelling at the wonder of it; helping Christopher, my Vermont Teddy Bear, write a long letter to the bears back at the factory, where he was born; getting a couple Really Cute teddy bear books and reading them over and over; hanging out online a LOT (it's the geeky mouse!) and making new friends.

I know I have said this somewhere earlier on in this diary: I am thinking (still) of putting up a section on my stuffed animals and beanies, which would be mostly pictures/photos. When I'll get around to this, I don't know, though. :-P  Maybe I should make a separate subsection for my Briarberry people...


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