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Part 23

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Sunday, March 11, 2001: I started up a little Wave UFO today, at 6:23am. Well, the first attempt wasn't soWave UFO successful: after I set the time, the screen went blank and an unstoppable long beeeeeeeep began. Ack! Bunnicula was trying to sleep! So I quickly got those batteries out and put two new LR44's in (good thing I have some of those on hand!). So I set the time again, then I got "static" on the screen. I forgot that the little alien is "unavailable" this early. I had to look back through my earlier diary entries to see what his waking and sleeping hours *are* (awake/available 9am-1am). To read more about my earlier efforts in raising a Wave UFO, check out my diary Parts 10, 11, 12, 13, and also 17. I said in one entry (I forget which) that I didn't think there was any way to turn off the sound. However I saw something in the instruction leaflet this morning (which I can't read, because it's almost totally in Japanese) about SOUND. So I figured I'd try again, to see if I could get the sound to turn off. It turns out that if you push the A (leftmost) and D (rightmost) buttons at the same time, that turns the sound off. Why didn't I discover this sooner?! Anyway, I haven't actually got a name for this alien yet. Maybe it will come to me, or s/he will tell me his/her name after s/he wakes up/becomes available at 9am. :-)   (can you tell I am fond of /////'s?!?) :-P  The picture at right is a thumbnail of one I found somewhere on the Web (I never got around to scanning my own yet, but it's this same colour and design). Click on it to see it LARGER. :-)

Shadow of Destiny9:05am: Okay, the alien's name is Eckart, from one of the characters in "Shadow of Destiny", a gorgeous PlayStation2 game that Cat'r has been playing for the last couple of days, and which da mouse watched as much as possible, since it was *fascinating* and beautiful. It's hard to tell from this small pic I found on the Web, but the people look so REAL, and movement is very real and smooth. Very lovely and TENSE game.

In case you don't feel like reading all the earlier posts about Wave UFO's, here is the one thing you should know: the unique thing about this virtual pet is that it is affected by microwaves and cellular phones, etc. That's what makes it transform into different shapes! Everytime it is near one of these sources (when it is on/being used, that is), the alien gets zapped with energy. If it happens once, nothing happens, usually. But the second (or third? I forget) time, s/he transforms into some other form. It can be very interesting. Also, when the transformation happens, there is always a little message that scrolls across the screen first, a sort of indicator or motto of this new shape. :-)

The current form Eckart is in is the large triangular-headed alien. Sorta reminds me of an alien Beavis. :-P

11:28pm: Eckart was around a cell phone this afternoon and transformed into a little Nosferatu-looking creature. Actually kind of cute. :-P  His message was FOFOFOFO! (whatever *that* means! LOL!). Also this afternoon he got to watch (along with Christopher, my Vermont Teddy Bear) some of the other endings Cat'r found in "Shadow of Destiny", including the EXtra ending. It was really good! This evening, however, I forgot and left him in the bedroom, so he didn't get to see "The Lone Gunmen" (cute geeky spin-off program from "The X Files"). Christopher can tell him all about it tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2001: I think I understand one item that you get for Hello Kitty during her walks in the park: it changes her outfit (no, I won't tell you which item it is: you might not've played this yet, and I don't want to spoil it for you ::grin:: Not like I did with Pocket Pikachu--goodness, I posted just about every blessed thing he *did*). And I have seen three or four different outfits on her now. Very cute!

Last night Eckart (my Wave UFO) was near the microwave THREE TIMES and still didn't transform. Hmph. This morning, however, I used the microwave to defrost a pound cake; and he transformed into a frog-like creature, with the message GERO GERO (Japanese for "ribbit ribbit"). I don't remember if I mentioned in earlier posts about Wave UFO's, but each morning it is down 50 points on what I take to be an energy meter. You have to play a slot machine game to get it back up to 100 points (or near, anyway; well, something over 50 points). Various combinations give you various amounts of points; but some combinations give you NEGATIVE amounts! So sometimes this game can *take* a while. Also I found out that playing jan-ken (rock-paper-scissors) with him will cost 10 points, whether you win or lose. But I guess it helps make him happy, so I try to play once a day. :-) The items you use to nourish your Wave UFO are a bit, well...


The giant capsule (DRG) comes bouncing in, in a merry way; and the glass of...whatever?...(LIQ) comes shimmying in seductively. LOL! Maybe this is a gangster-type alien! :-P

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Saturday, March 17, 2001: I finally sent Peachy Keen back home to Planet Tamagotchi (put the tab back in), this morning at 9:45am. As I had said earlier, I didn't have the heart to go through the long, drawn-out leavetaking, only to get the reward of seeing his little grave and ghostie (he was a Japanese Tam1). Better this way. :-)  Bye-bye, little Peachy! I hope you remember that we had a lot of good times together! I'll miss you!

12:34pm: I started up a new Tam! He is, in honour of the day, named Patrick O'Peep. I think he *might* be related to Georgia O'Peep, who was here back in 1997. Anyway, I don't know how good a start he's gotten: I was being lazy (I just do *not* like the "which-way game"), so I fed him a lot of snacks when he was only a babitchi--he got sick and required *two* injections! Eep! Well, he's now  a marutchi, so I can relax a little. Maybe I will follow Aurora Minui's "Tamagotchi autonomy" strategy and let him just beep for me if he needs anything (as opposed to the "hovering" parenting style).

9pm: Late this afternoon Eckart, my Wave UFO, was exposed to a cell phone in use, so he transformed into a littleHotohori, Tamahome, and Miaka creature that looks something like Kenny from "South Park", but with a pointy top to his parka hood. :-D  His message, which scrolled across the screen just after he had transformed, was, "I AM 10 FEET".

This evening Patrick, Eckart, and Christopher (my Vermont Teddy Bear) got to watch three episodes of "Fushigi Yuugi". Really beautiful anime--cute and funny too! Click on the image at right to see the picture larger.

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Sunday, March 18, 2001: Oh, eep, I've been a very bad Tam caretaker. I turned the sound off on Patrick O'Peep's egg. Then I totally forgot about him all morning. At noon, I fed him, gave him snacks, played with him, cleaned up poop. Then I forgot about him for the rest of the day. He went to sleep with poop beside him (argh), all 4 hungry hearts empty, and 3 happy hearts empty. Well, I sorta didn't want to get a masktchi again, but I think I went a bit toooo far.

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Monday, March 19, 2001: This morning Patrick woke up sick, so I hurriedly cleaned up the poop, then had to give him 2 injections to get him well. After that I fed him, gave him a couple snacks, and played two which-way games with him (he actually let me *win*!).

Christopher, my Vermont Teddy Bear, got all dressed up in his jeans, tee shirt, and workboots for a photo session this morning--I hope the pictures turn out good!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2001: Yesterday, sometime around noon Patrick turned into a kutchitamatchi (I had the sound off, so I didn't hear the transformation sound)! Yay! Now the characters that will be available for his adult form will *not* include a masktchi (I have had sooo many masktchi that I really am tired of that adult form and want someone/something else). He will become one of the so-called "bad" characters (bad, because I have not been a good caretaker).

Eckart, my Wave UFO, transformed into an octopus-looking creature when microwaves reached him yesterday late afternoon. His message was (I only caught the last part of it, as I ran into the room) was "[I ?] AM FRIEND".

Yesterday all my critters got to hear Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major ('Emperor') around noontime. I wonder if that's what caused Patrick to transform?

11:55pm: Aarrgh. Cat'r says I am headed for nyorotchi-dom. Poor Patrick again went to sleep (9pm) with poop by his futon. ::feeling ashamed::  I am not sure if he will be transforming into an adult form tomorrow or the next day. What I would *really* like is to get a tarakotchi ("Mr. Stinky Feet"). I've never had one of those, so that would be something different. :-)  

Backing up for a moment: Patrick and Eckart got to hear a lot of "They Might Be Giants" songs late this afternoon. And then early this evening Patrick, Eckart, and Christopher got to see two more episodes of "Fushigi Yuugi".

Later this evening I finally did something that I thought might be helpful on the My Tamagotchi page: in the chart of my Tamagotchi history, I put in hyperlinks to pictures of each of the eggs/cases that the Tams resided in; and I put in links to the places in the diary where their visits here with me began.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2001: Patrick transformed into a tarakotchi today at 12:17pm! :-)  I have never had one of these Tams before; but he seems related to the masktchi, in that he has wiggly hips. :-P  Anyway, I will try to take better care of him now and hope that he stays around for a while.

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Thursday, March 22, 2001: It looks like Patrick's hours are going to be 9am-10pm.

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Saturday, March 24, 2001: Eckart, my Wave UFO, changed back into the little Kenny-parka'd-pointy-headed person again a couple nights ago, with the same message of "I AM 10 FEET".

::sigh:: I was going to put Patrick's stats up last night, after he went to sleep at 10pm; but at 9:21pm I heard the long beeeeeps from the other room and ran in to see the "sick"/death's head icon (and none of the buttons work at this point). So I said my goodbyes. Then Patrick left an egg, smiling very happily. Then suddenly I saw him/his angel against a starfield. I thought, for some reason, he would stay a little longer, somewhere around the age of 10 years. I knew nyorotchi usually don't live any longer than 7 years; but I didn't know tarakotchi left at that age also. Well, he *was* what one would call "sickly": the last two mornings he had awakened sick (although I had been taking good care of him once he reached the adult stage) and required two injections each morning to be well. Anyway, he got to listen to music, got to see anime and also some TV, and he got to be online. Bye-bye, Patrick! Hope you enjoyed your stay here! I'll miss you!

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Wave UFOSunday, March 25, 2001: Eckart, my little Wave UFO, just turned into something that looks like...well, a cute little bomb on a sticker figure body. Or maybe s/he just has a very round Charlie-Brown-ish head with a pigtail (and it's NOT a lit fuse?).   :-P   Hir message was DO YOU KNOW ME ? I can't recall having this form of Wave UFO before. But I would have to look back through all my other diary entries to be sure; and I am being lazy right now. :-D  No wait, I had what I called "a cute little kewpie-doll-type creature" back in May 1998. That must be what this form is. Although it really *does* look more like a bomb! However, it still *is* very very cute. I may protect it from microwaves and cell phones for a while now, so I can enjoy this cuteness.

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Friday, March 30, 2001: Whoops! I forgot and used a cell phone right by Eckart. He turned back into that triangular-headed Beavis-like alien. :-P  His message was HELLO HELLO.


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