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Here is Patrick O'Peep now. He was born on Saturday, March 17th, 2001 at 11:08am est and went home to Planet Tamagotchi at 9:21pm est on Friday, March 23d. He was a U.S. Tam1 (P1) and lived in a nice Irish-green egg that has white trim, white buttons, and the word "Tamagotchi" in white across the top.


As of 9:21pm est, Friday, March 23, 2001, his stats were:


Type tarakotchi
Age 7 years
Weight 97 oz.
Discipline 100%
Hungry hearts 3 full
Happy hearts 3 full


Flower vine with butterflies


CountryMouse's Tamagotchi History:


Name Type Dates Age Egg Deco
Eggy Peep mametchi May 5-25, 1997 21 years yellow w/orange trim
Bo Peep mametchi May 18-June 7, 1997 21 years dark purple w/pink trim
Rascal masktchi June 7-23, 1997 18 years yellow w/orange trim
C. Everett Peep masktchi June24-July10,1997 17 years clear green w/blue buttons
Georgia O'Peep mametchi July 17-Aug. 5, 1997 21 years rodamine red w/yellow trim
Wild Thang mimitchi August 7-27, 1997 21 years yellow w/black tiger stripes
Meep zukitchi Aug.28-Sept.13,1997 17 years white w/blue pics all over (JPTam2)
Blueberry Muffin masktchi Sept. 17-Oct. 3, 1997 17 years blue w/pink trim, yellow buttons
Lavinia C. Divine masktchi January 15-31, 1998 17 years lavender w/pink and white swirls
Samuel Peeps gaijintchi May 5-Aug.1, 1998 89 years yellow w/orange trim
Cherry charitchi Sept. 3-22, 1998 20 years dk red w/white letters arnd screen(JPTam2)
Jackie mametchi Mar.29-Apr.14, 2000 17 years red w/gold Hong Kong commemorative
Esther hashizotchi Apr.23-May 3, 2000 11 years dk red w/white letters arnd screen(JPTam2)
Peachy Keen masktchi May 5,'00-Mar.17, 01 18 years peach w/yellow trim, buttons, pics (JPTam1)


Cute mametchi A masktchi A kutchipatchi


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Blue multi-coloured bar


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